This Could Be The Best Thing That Will Happen To You in 2018!

Imagine having the solution to your problem! Walking strong after an injury and being healed from incurable diseases. Finances that can defeat your debts, fulfill your needs and supply for others. Imagine separated families finally coming back together! A loveless marriage full of broken hearts become mended and revived with a renewed love that will last a lifetime. A world of people who can look past themselves to see what others need. A purposeless soul becoming a significant someone. 

Can you imagine any of these miracles happening to you? NOW EXPECT IT! 

From WHO? The only one who can do it: J E S U S 

HOW? WHERE? Believe and call on Him anytime wherever you are!

Seeking Him during our revival is amazing time for you to get closer and hear from Him! This month, I encourage you to be part of HopeNYC revival Wednesdays! The first service starts tonight at 7pm! Serious prayer has gone into these dynamic four days! Hopers are interceding for everyone including YOU to find Hope. This truly can be the best thing will happen to you this year!





Fresh Oil! What did it do? (New Link)

It was a powerful weekend in Brooklyn and many received fresh oil!

Fresh Oil Conference was held at Purpose Life Church this weekend and it was both a reviving and fun time for women. If you can get on a computer to register or could have heard anything from the tent during Saturday’s session, you were not excluded.

EVERYTHING that happened in the conference would just uplift your spirit more and more. Every prayer spoken into the atmosphere, the words of the songs, every artistic act of exhortation, the special gifts, the music, every visiting guest minister, the senior pastors and of course every message that was preached! Everything that happened was carefully orchestrated by God.

Learning about physical and spiritual oil was amazing. Receiving it will leave you speechless! Many women left the conference changed with a refreshed anointed spirit.  Also with a Fresh Oil goodie bag, T-shirts, fabulous photos, raffle prize, and a bottle of anointing oil.

Pastor Sharo from HopeNYC
Our Pastor brought an incredible Word about Fresh oil on Friday night! I learned so much & still thinking about it now!
Music minister for a long time with a genuinely beautiful heavenly voice.
Pastor Sherese Williams. Pastoring Purpose Life Church with her husband Pastor Heston Williams and the host of this conference! Looking for a great church in Brooklyn? Check this place out!



Saturday afternoon’s Power Mixer


I got this beautiful water bottle in my favorite color!


Everyone’s Excited!

What a refreshing service at HopeNYC yesterday. Every Sunday is exciting & empowering! It may not sound possible for every service to turn out amazing but it literally happens!  There is an incredible excitement here for God. The adults, teenagers, children & toddlers cannot contain themselves. There are more than 20 nationalities represented here at HopeNYC . There are no culture/ language barrier when someone speaks about Jesus. Every native english speaker delights in hearing a Hispanic speak & sing unto God. Everyone gets overjoyed from hearing a Texan or Jamaican testify about the goodness of God. The message made a huge impact towards many  in the tent yesterday. Every message really helps us to become better people. As service ended, everyone in their fashionable church wear mingled in the yard. The day became sunnier, everyone hugged one another & new guest found friends here. Everyone walked around with colorful Chocolate dipped spoons & some enjoyed plates of BBQ as they prepared to go home.


Chocolate dipped spoons? What for?

These little chocolate dipped spoons are a ticket to something Big!  Next Sunday, HopeNYC is making the the Largest Banana Split  in Queens! This Sundae is  going to be 60 ft long with all 3  popular Ice cream flavors including many toppings.  Everyone has their chocolate dipped spoons ready! This event is opened to the public & it’s absolutely FREE  but wear the right clothes….You may go home chocolate dipped yourself!

When: Next Sunday August 3rd at 4:00pm

Where: HopeNYC Church.  142-82 Rockaway Blvd. Jamacia, NY 11436

Why: Because it’s fun.

Please leave a comment on this blog if you have questions about this event  🙂


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