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It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted something & I do miss my pals here on wordpress. I have been seeing your new posts in my emails. Instresting, reads, interesting titles,  interesting photos & interesting mini sermons (For the those writing faith blogs). As the new mails flood my inbox I admire your detication & commitment for your blogs! If you are writing something to inspire & help make a significant change in the lives of others, I hope your audience grows in numbers & those around the globe will notice your blog.

An update on HopeNYC

HopeNYC, How has it been? These past couple of weeks has been so far some of the most amazing ever! Just being filled up with the word on Wenesdays. Being full of fire & enery with the teens on Friday. Seeing the colors of dancers & the finely dressed people worshipping on a Sunday. I am just so glad to be apart of this church & know the friends I met there. Sometimes living life isn’t easy …. even being a christian & striving to follow our perfect Lord & savior gets real challeging at times too but going to HopeNYC to grow, worship, learn, pray, work, praise, testify love, fellowship… It really lightens the LOAD & helps me more to trust God to remove it, break me through it & make it all better. Many have testified that they have needed hope & they found it at HopeNYC. If any of you bloggers get to visit New York City, I urge you to visit at least one services. I visited the Famous Statue of Liberty, Toys R us & been to Time Square so many times but they all can’t compare to ONE visit at HopeNYC Church. You won’t be a stranger at all because you will surely feel at home.



Growth Group Grads!   ( Groups started in this previous post

Young and Fire Men
Young and Fired Men




Baptism 2015


HopeNYC's 2015 Baptism
HopeNYC’s 2015 Baptism


The HopeNYC Baptism Tub
The HopeNYC Baptism Tub

The Woman’s Meeting

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Church BBQ prep

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WildFire Teen Ministry


Our Version of the Set me Free Skit by Casting Crowns
Our Version of the Set me Free Skit
by Casting Crowns

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WildFire has launched for 2015! These are the teens of HopeNYC & they have an action packed awesome time every Friday at  7pm! They serve Jesus & set the city ablaze with a passion for His name! Teens are affected here at Wildfire every week. They walk into a fun & lively atmosphere where everyone fellowships, play bizarre games, have nachos & hear a life changing message. Teens leave feeling free, happy, encouraged, & on fired for Jesus! This past Wildfire, Gospel artist Sir Hall came & ministered. His music was incredibly empowering, encouraging & just Amazing! The teens & adults in the room danced wildly & worshiped the Lord. For the rest of the night there were also group dances, Bible trivia with buzzers, crazy games, live Dj, Birthday cakes………Bottom line, it was a big night & successful launch! If you know some teens in NYC….WildFire is definitely the Best spot for ages 13-19.

WildFire starts a new series tomorrow called Roller Coaster!

It’s going to be wild ride & starts at 7pm!

Teen Band Leading Praise & Worship to God.

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Sir Hall with his song “Bring it on”
Sir Hall with his song “Bring it on”
11026027_828523290546103_3076582247828535241_n11018195_828524190546013_8122580674807409650_n Oreo Game ( An oreo is placed on the forehead. You must use the muscles on your face to move the Oreo into your mouth.

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WildFire’s Winter


It left us….


These are just some words that best describe the experience & revival we’ve just encountered at Northeast Winterfest 2015. The teens of HopeNYC; WildFire Teen Ministry  had just returned from an incredible fun-filled trip. We drove up to Rochester New York for the weekend to an amazing getaway that allowed us to escape our daily lives &  steal away with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!  At Winterfest there were great sessions filled with live music from awesome gospel artist, talented dance groups, powerful messages from anointed speakers &  liberating prayer at the altars. Teens had the freedom to surround the stage so they can dance  & GO WILD like one song says. This powerful weekend was centered on Jesus! When WildFire gets together, we are in good company! In our van rides, we talk, dance, rap, sing, race on Mario Kart & share a snack buffet. In the hotel we hit the gym, eat pizza, watch movies, play video games, play pranks, go crazy….. yet other guest were not disturbed! It may all sound like fun & for others not so much. I can surely say that Christ was our joy. We pursued Him all weekend & He indeed changed our lives….. Why do teens need Jesus?

Jesus can cause a teenager to defeat depression rather than to allow it to change their image, hate themselves, hate their parents & take their life. Jesus can cause a teenager to walk away & move forward from discouraging friends who constantly remind them how bad their life is. Jesus can change grades. Jesus can give teens the power to reject things that are hard to turn down like the 1st cigarette or 1st sip of alcohol or the kind invitation from the Bf/Gf that constantly says they’re not rushing things & yet wants to somehow sneak into a sexual relationship. For the teenagers (& the world) Jesus gave up His life & allowed others to break Him in every way so that we can have a great life with Him on Earth & live an everlasting one with Him in Heaven. The teens need Jesus! Although Winterfest has ended, WildFire Teen Ministry continues to pursue Jesus & spread His goodness around New York like a WildFire.

WildFire’s Facebook Page

Know any teens? Are you living in NY or Visiting?

Check out WildFire! It’s every Friday Night @ 7pm & It’s for teens ages 13-19.

Located at HopeNYC Church. 142-82 Rockaway Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11436

Our first service for 2015 will Launch on February 27th!

There will be food, games, prizes, worship band, DJ, friends, snack shop, live drama & more!

Check other posts on WildFire : Summer SplashGame NightWildFire

A few Winterfest pics:



WildFire Teen Ministry is setting the city on fire!  The teens of HopeNYC had an awesome service yesterday kicking off their new mid-summer series: SUMMER SPLASH! Everything & everyone was outdoors!  The message touched lives, The DJ was awesome & The praise & worship music rocked the streets of Queens as all instruments & voices came through the speakers. I didn’t forget about the games…They were crazy! These teenagers were tied into a human knot with only a few seconds to free themselves! For the other game, teens had to spin around a pole about 10 times & crawl to the finish line.  There were some water games & a special game called Eye of the Tiger.  After service, the teens kicked back & did their own thing. The snackshop served hotdogs, nachos & fries with cheese to everyone. Some wanted to shoot hoops, some preferred talking with friends, some rode  bicycles up, some played dodge ball, some played the drums. There is always something exciting happening with the WildFire teens at HopeNYC. The teens now await their upcoming trip to Coco Keys Water resort. .

WildFire is every Friday at 7:30pm. For ages 13-19.  At HopeNYC Church.

get-attachment (5)
This is a game called the human knot! Teens must get into 2 different groups, & form circles. Then they must grab hands & untangle themselves before the other group does. You cannot go of someones hand!


Squeezing Sponges!
Teens must run back & forth dipping a sponge in a bucket of water then carry it to squeeze into their cup! 1st one to fill it up is the winner!


Human Knot!
Human Knot!


The Prize Table!
The Prize Table!


get-attachment (3)
With a pole to the forehead, teens must spin around 10 times then crawl to the finish line!


photo (6)
Playing “The eye of the Tiger” Everyone forms a circle, there’s a trashcan in the center. Get people next to you to touch the trashcan without letting go of hands.

Game Night

I just got back home from WildFire Teen Ministry at HopeNYC Church. WildFire is the church’s youth service & it happens every Friday night at 7:30pm. Every service at WildFire is usual! Today the teenagers attempted to thaw out a frozen T-shirt for a prize…Yes a frozen T-shirt. It sounds bizarre but it sure made an cleverly amusing game! There was also a 21st century scavenger hunt where teens were required to use their smart phones to take selfies & photos of certain items. Teens also had a blast playing jeopardy style bible trivia with actual game buzzers. Later on, things got messy with a game involving a large bowls of colorful candies & Oreo cookie crumbs! The entire game night ended with a sweaty game of dodge ball & a room full of board games for the less sporty ones. The group took pleasure in meeting a new guest who decided to spend their birthday with WildFire. Even though the night was pure fun, I knew that it meant something & truly made a difference. WildFire is a place for teens to feel at home & be accepted for who they are. Every person needs that. If no one in the world gets you, Jesus will.

WildFire is Every Friday at 7:30pm, at HopeNYC Church

There are games, food, prizes, a DJ & God’s message!

Only for ages 13-19

July's Series of WildFire
July’s Series of WildFire