My Trip ( Easy Patriotic Treats Ideas included)

Hitting the road for a couple of hours, making a splash in the swimming pool after jumping in the jacuzzi, enjoying meals with good friends…

It sounds like an ideal Memorial Day outing!

I had this adventure last Saturday in PA with my fitness Hope Group! When you join a group at HopeNYC, you can except to learn and maybe take some notes depending on the class.

You would never expect to take a roadtrip to Pennsylvania just to see scenic views, visit the outlets, go to the resort with a pool and more! The rain didn’t even scare us! There was a 100% chance of rain in Pennsylvania but we didn’t cancel. It was the most farthest fun day I’ve ever had! When you are part of the Hope family or involved in a Hope group class, you never know what could happen and that’s what I love!

Here are some very simple patriotic treats ideas (Not recipes…don’t want to make you read much much longer! I also didn’t photograph these treats except for two of them! Just thought to share the most last minute and patriotic treats possible to help make your memorial, labor or Independence Day a-little bit more delicious!

Chocolate dipped Oreos!

This is one that I have done before! What you will need is:

  1. White & blue colored melting chocolate.
  2. Cake-pop sticks
  3. Oreos (Costco/Bjs box if you’re serving many)
  4. Patriotic sprinkles ( Try Michael’s or a Bakeshop)
  5. A fridge with space!

Patriotic apples! Dazzle your guests and feed them the healthiest dessert on your menu!

Just buy & roll them in sprinkles!

This aren’t patriotic but many of you will be starting a fire or firing up the oven today! These are photos of some indoor oven s’mores!



Patriotic pizza!

Chocolate dipped and sprinkled cones!

American flag waffles!

Red, white and blueberry!

American flag fruit kabobs

Patriotic toast!

Mini patriotic shortcake cups!

Rice Krispies treats dipped in chocolate and sprinkled!

PA Trip photos



It’s Friday… 10pm! I just saw tons of green gumballs scattered all over the floor & dozens of doge balls soaring across the night sky. This is a glance of  WILDFIRE Teen Ministry! (WFTM)   There is a mission & purpose here. WildFire teens have their hearts set on the city & will set it ablaze for Jesus. They look forward to every Friday. Where else can you try on a giant slipper or win a $15 Starbucks Giftcard just for taking a selfie? Teens have best time ever here & They desire to do great things for this world.

At WildFire there are Crazy games, Great food,  Never ending prizes, Cool trips, True missions, The best DJ in Queens,  & an Awesome Message from Jesus to the teens! WildFire is only for ages 13-19.  Facebook gets blown up with post, pics, vids &check ins every Friday! The word about this remarkable teen night will get around like WILDFIRE!

This Summer WildFire is:

  • Starting a brand new series called Heatwave.
  • Getting out & playing dodge ball, basket ball & volley ball.
  • Taking an Awesome trip to a Resort for a couple of days
  • Taking place every Friday at 7pm as Always!


July's Series of WildFire
July’s Series of WildFire