Best Selling 8 Layered Gluten-Free Cake at Compass!

Your taste buds will sing THE OPERA after you’ve tried it! This gluten-free dessert has precisely 8 delicious layers where you can taste rich chocolate, espresso and coffee butter cream between the light fluffy layers of cake. After scooping into these silky layers, you hit the chocolate crunch at the bottom. The top of the Opera sparkles with glitter and you can see the word Compass piped in cursive chocolate letters. YUM!

When you dine at Compass, you help rescue victims of human trafficking! Compass gives its proceeds towards the mission! Compass is all about COMPASSion!


How to Feel Strong and Be Strong at Compass?

The Southwest Avocado Salad is my absolute favorite at Compass! I enjoyed salads pretty much every time I visited the café for the past two weeks! There is more in the café than just salad. There are exquisite cakes and a variety of coffee to choose from ☕️ There are also sandwiches, parfaits and macaroons too!

Personally I chose salad because I wanted to better my health. Not that it’s bad, I can still enjoy some cake & caffeine but one reason Compass is bringing out some healthier options is so we can feel strong and be strong! It’s a Word that God spoke to His people this year! These salads are delicious and loaded with more than just lettuce! There is an apple pecan salad with grilled chicken, chicken cesar, and southwest avocado with corn chips and grilled chicken. It’s already prepared for you which helps makes healthy living easy!

Last Sunday

    Every Sunday is an Exciting one at HopeNYC. This week, We celebrated  new members, heard an incredible message from a special speaker, celebrated a young bride to be & Took special time to remember Jesus’s great sacrifice on the cross; A sacrifice that had saved our lives! HopeNYC is truly a  family. A family that consist of people with different personalities,  different cultures, different interests, different ages etc…  No matter who you are, what you are or where you’ve been,  HopeNYC happily welcomes all.  It’s not just church it’s Home.  I lived in NYC all my life & can honestly say there is no place like that.

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