How’ve you been?

Goodmorning! It is 8:15am!

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted something & I do miss my pals here on wordpress. I have been seeing your new posts in my emails. Instresting, reads, interesting titles,  interesting photos & interesting mini sermons (For the those writing faith blogs). As the new mails flood my inbox I admire your detication & commitment for your blogs! If you are writing something to inspire & help make a significant change in the lives of others, I hope your audience grows in numbers & those around the globe will notice your blog.

An update on HopeNYC

HopeNYC, How has it been? These past couple of weeks has been so far some of the most amazing ever! Just being filled up with the word on Wenesdays. Being full of fire & enery with the teens on Friday. Seeing the colors of dancers & the finely dressed people worshipping on a Sunday. I am just so glad to be apart of this church & know the friends I met there. Sometimes living life isn’t easy …. even being a christian & striving to follow our perfect Lord & savior gets real challeging at times too but going to HopeNYC to grow, worship, learn, pray, work, praise, testify love, fellowship… It really lightens the LOAD & helps me more to trust God to remove it, break me through it & make it all better. Many have testified that they have needed hope & they found it at HopeNYC. If any of you bloggers get to visit New York City, I urge you to visit at least one services. I visited the Famous Statue of Liberty, Toys R us & been to Time Square so many times but they all can’t compare to ONE visit at HopeNYC Church. You won’t be a stranger at all because you will surely feel at home.



Growth Group Grads!   ( Groups started in this previous post

Young and Fire Men
Young and Fired Men




Baptism 2015


HopeNYC's 2015 Baptism
HopeNYC’s 2015 Baptism


The HopeNYC Baptism Tub
The HopeNYC Baptism Tub

The Woman’s Meeting

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Church BBQ prep

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WildFire Teen Ministry


Our Version of the Set me Free Skit by Casting Crowns
Our Version of the Set me Free Skit
by Casting Crowns

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Feed New York

Today! HopeNYC partnered with Feed New York & organized a farmers market that catered to hundreds of New Yorkers FOR FREE! The Farmers market is being held in HopeNYC’s parking lot & its still happening right now as I’m writing this blog! This Farmers market is a major giving event! It invites the public to come inside & help themselves. Guest can sample chips with salsa made from the fresh vegetables,  they can enjoy a refreshing snow cone with an option of four great flavors, & they can also receive helpful tips on health at the nutrition table.  As I walked around the parking lot, I spotted the boxes of produce under the big white tent. Each person on the line & grabbed a large brown grocery bag labeled Feed New York & began to fill it with farm fresh produce. The boxes were lined up across many tables & contained different vegetables such as:  Tomatoes, eggplant, cabbages, zucchini, green beans, cucumber, green peppers squash, onions & beets! My family & I are already getting ideas for appetizing homemade goodies. This partnership was really amazing as Jesus used HopeNYC & Feed New York to be His hands & feet!


Feed New York has Partnered with HopeNYC Church to Distribute free produce
Feed New York has Partnered with HopeNYC Church to Distribute free produce



Being the hands & feet of Jesus. 100s were given large bags of farm fresh veggies
Being the hands & feet of Jesus. 100s were given large bags of farm fresh veggies