Let’s Fly to Hawaii Tomorrow ✈️ 

Yes tomorrow! I am aware that there may not be much time to pack but bringing one festive outfit will do! There’s a fantastic Luau tomorrow at sunset that we must get ready for! 

We are not going to JFK airport but we are heading in that direction! We’re stopping somewhere approximately five minutes away! In fact! That’s where we’ll be flying ✈️ 

You are invited to a LUAU at Compass Coffee tomorrow night at 7pm! Search for a breezy camp shirt, grass skirt, floral dress and tropical wear because it’s Hawaiian attire! Every Friday this summer, Compass has hosted fun-filled special themed events after their closing time! Remember my past posts on Endless Summer nights? Reggae Night Part 2  Or Minions on the Mega screen? 

Tomorrow is the last night Endless Summer Night of SUMMER 2017 and it’s going to close out with the best Luau in Queens 🌺  Experience Hawaii in New York at Compass Coffee with a Luau: HOPE STYLE! You won’t miss a day at your job or won’t feel like a stranger tomorrow with the Hope family! 

Located at 142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436

Here’s how it went down last time we did a Luau in the yard! 


Happy 5th of July!

The party isn’t over! The celebration of freedom still continues with patriotic colors and a cake to cut. The Freedom Cake is back at Compass! Fans had happily reunited with the cake this weekend. Just like last year, it’s going fast! Many are in love with the cake because of it’s eye-catching trio of colors on the surface and in the slices. WE are also fond of the delicious fresh homemade vanilla taste. You may find yourself back at the job today but you can continue celebrating with a satisfying slice! It tastes like a celebration any day after July 4th🎉 

Red white and blue inside the slices

I lost at Monopoly

TONS of food, good music, dogs, dancing, games and the most awesome view of fireworks from the neighborhood at night. I can definitely say my fourth of July was well spent! As I walked in helping Jay deliver a large tray of chicken empanadas, we saw tables lined up with endless entrees! Pork chops, BBQ Chicken, homemade bread, pelau, turkey burgers, grilled fish, chicharon, macaroni pie, and much more! I saw people playing twister, table tennis, ludo, poker and volleyball. I sat with a group for a monopoly game. It didn’t go so well for me…I went to jail three times and had to pay somebody’s rent for almost every turn. I did come into plenty of money but it was hard to purchase properties that wasn’t already taken during my arrest. Overall I had fun loosing with good (competitive) friends. Speaking of that, two adorable friends joined us for the picnic.

Later on, we danced the night away in the church parking lot celebrating freedom!