Never the Same

Yesterday was Wednesday & that means it was Hope Day! It was Reviving! Refreshing! & Absolutely Powerful!  It’s not just a feeling!  It the special day of the week where HopeNYC goes deep into God’s word.  Each person went home last night renewed & transformed! As the service kicked off, the altars were being surrounded. The musicians started to play & so much joy was expressed in every note, strum & beat.  Every adult, teen & child  rejoiced with singing & dancing. The entire scene looked  like a complete concert! The joy was unexplainable & Jesus was responsible. Eyes were opened & hearts were moved  as message was preached. Deliverance came to those who prayed at the altar. Everyone left the building feeling refreshed, encouraged & ready to take on the rest of the week.  When a  HopeNYC  service is over, We are never same.

On Wednesday Nightsat HopeNYC Church!
On Wednesday Nights at HopeNYC Church! Everyone’s Invited http://


Thanks for the Miracle

When God does a Miracle,  say “Thank You”                                    HopeNYC gave thanks with 2 families today in Lefferts blvd Queens!  The weather was beautiful &  The praises of Hope’s people filled the backyard. It was all for Jesus.  Songs of praise, a Beautiful dance,  a Special  word & multiple Miraculous Testimonies.  As a praying church, we rejoice today!  We have  been  with the families the during times of distress &  the massive medical problems. The doctors had even predicted death upon the oldest daughters in both families. Today everyone stands strong in perfect health with bright futures ahead of them. Blessed abundantly. The deliverance that seemed impossible was done easily by Jesus! Today, HopeNYC says Thank You!


Wednesday is Hope Day

Many people, especially those in the office refer to Wednesday as hump day.  At HopeNYC, we call it Hope day! It is not our favorite day of the week because Saturday draws near, It is HopeNYC’s most incredible night!  Many Hope  members & visitors think of this prayer & deliverance service (Hope Day) as  Life changing, Reviving,  & Remarkable! We go real deep into God’s word, spend a lot of time  in prayer &  receive  a fresh message that transforms the hearts of the listeners. There is great expectancy & unity among all the people as these hearts seek Jesus…The one this is all about.


  • It’s  every hump Hope Day
  • Starts at 7:00 pm
  •  Miracles happen frequently
  •  A lot of Love,  Unity, A Praying Church
  • It’s all about Jesus.



It’s Home

There are many great things about New York City. The diverse people, the five boroughs, the opportunities & sensational places. The greatest thing to ever hit New York City came in 2009.  It started with just 6 people in a small space in Ozone Park, Queens. Everything  was given up in order to get this! There seemed to be nothing…. Nothing but The Vision. Part of the vision is to lavishly place food in the hands of the hungry, To build hospitals that heal, To fly all over the world  & supply to those who had lost everything. The Vision did not end there… In fact, a fraction of the vision is to form ONE great family out of every nationality! This place is Hope. It is also  Home.  It’s HopeNYC  Church “Where it’s not just church it’s home.”