Feels Like Spring Here

Fresh flowers, coloring books, bright stationary, sundae bowls, picnic baskets, water bottles ūüí¶ ¬†These are a few of the fun colorful finds in the springtime at Compass cafe. There’s sweet spring themed desserts like the carnival cake ūüé° which tastes like cotton candy. There’s also the Gloreo which is ¬†a sweet chocolatey original Jodi Bakes creation all dressed up as a sunflower ūüĆĽ


Milkshakes, sundaes & the banana split are also some cool new items on the menu!

Be sure to visit Compass cafe cup of hope on 142-82 Rockaway Blvd! It’s a place worth seeing! Great¬†quality coffee with the most interesting merchandise! It’s also 5 mins away from JFK airport! PLUS all proceeds goes into missions! Providing clean drinking water to people in other countries and helping victims of human trafficking through its partnership with the Zion Project! You gotta stop by this spring & sip something here!




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Mom’s Crowning Moment

I love watching this video! Kids from HopeNYC describe their moms and wish them an early Happy Mother’s Day! Most of these parents attended yesterday’s dance where this video was first viewed. Hopers! Find your child or yourself or just hear all of them!

The dance was such a beautiful experience! Proceeds went towards HopeNYC’s International Missions Ministry who partnered with the ZionProject to help rescue sex trafficking victims. Some girls get trapped into it while some are sold by their own parents in an effort to provide for the other siblings in the family. Mothers were honored and treated like royalty last night at HopeNYC while giving towards the cause. Wildfire; the teen ministry of the church made the night into an elegant experience executing beautiful hospitality. Gentlemen escorted the mothers upstairs to their table. The girls attended to the needs of the guest and served the three course meal with the gentlemen joining in. There were gifts for every lady in the room; mom or not. There were special awards for our beautiful pastor, the lady crowned for mother of the year and gentleman of the night. There was also a crowning for best dressed. Entertainment was smooth! Reggae was performed live by Art Crawford and Eddie Neblett with DJ Mark Xclusive. The night could not have ended until the well-known reggae song: She’s Royal was played. It was all a wonderful night filled with entertainment, raffles, decorations, great food, exquisite gowns, dancing, relaxation, appreciation,  love, photos…. check out the pictures! Also stay tuned on the HopeNYC website and Facebook for their upcoming Mother’s day service!

3 Days to Celebrate! 




Sips of Hope

What are you doing next week? One of the most significant days to ever happen just to honor The Savior Jesus, The Word at beginning and one who sacrificed His Life to save the world ūüĆé If there are no plans, I encourage you visit HopeNYC for an amazing Good Friday service: NEXT WEEK April 14th 6pm. Visit the HopeNYC website for information, directions, weekly services and additional upcoming events.

This Good Friday service will have an amazing Word for you. There’s worship in music, the holy communion, gifts for first time guests and washing of the saints feet (amazing yet optional) The opportunity to do what Jesus did when He washed the foot of His disciple. Just look around, pick someone in the room or a friend. Towels and buckets will be provided.

Bright and early on Saturday morning! It’s time to have fun at HopeNYC’s 9th annual Easter…

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A Quick Trip To Paris

Okay so I actually didn’t go to Paris but I stepped out of New York! I did not¬†catch a flight or lug a¬†tote. Here at¬†Compass Cafe, you set foot in another country! Come in and enjoy a sip of something from¬†overseas.

Where will you go today?

Paris? The place where you can get coffee pressed to perfection? Not to mention neon macaroons bursting with color.

Guatemala? A sip of something Spanish while being allured by its amazing aroma.


Haiti? Enjoy an aromatic earthy blend and get some energy from the Petite Goave coffee. A six year old girl from this country sparked the idea of Compass Cafe a few years ago. 




Down-south? Hands-down the tastiest by Jodi Bakes



Macchiato! My favorite Italian word and very first beverage at Compass! There’s also the rich great tasting houseblend you can never go wrong with!



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Will You Win Tomorrow?

In honor of cupcake month at Compass Cafe, Sips of Hope will be giving away a dozen cupcakes! The announcement for this giveaway happened a few weeks ago and it was such an exciting way to launch 2017! Those¬†who had always loved the cafe and this blog finally clicked subscribed! I can say that Compass cafe and HopeNYC Church (same building) are truly very¬†exciting places to blog about. There is never a dull moment, always fresh divine ideas, fun events for the community and a good place to start helping others in a significant way (in and out of New York). The contest winner will be announced tomorrow! I’m excited to find out¬†who will win!


Compass Cafe is on a mission! Proceeds from this shop goes towards providing clean drinking water to impoverished countries and helps end human trafficking through partnership with the Zion Project! For more information visit www.HopeNYC.com and www.ZionProject.org  If you enjoyed these blogs and vlogs  please like, share, share you thoughts, spread the word and lets support the mission. Compass aims to make the world a safer one cup at a time. 



Compass Bath Salts


There’s vanilla, coconut and peppermint, smells delicious but¬†its not edible!

Compass Cafe has beautifully bottled bath salts bundled with benefits. The escaping fragrance you sniff is just enough to be sold and go home to a pampering. We often think the salts are simply for a good scent but it can:

  • Relax muscles and loosen stiff joints
  • Improve your mood
  • Detoxify the body
  • Treat sore muscles
  • Relieve Inflammation
  • Make an excellent foot soak
  • Eliminate oders
  • Deep clean skin (Removes pollution, oil and dirt. Exfoliates dead skin and dislodge blackheads)

After taking your usual shower, this is good to scrub, sit in, soak your feet or cleanse your face with warm water. I think these will make a fantastic and functional gift for a friend or family. These were created specially for you at Compass Cafe.

Compass Cafe is on a mission! Proceeds from this shop goes towards providing clean drinking water to impoverished countries and partners with the Zion Project to help end human trafficking! For more information visit www.HopeNYC.com and www.ZionProject.org  If you enjoyed these blogs/vlogs, like, share, spread the word and support the mission. Compass aims to make the world a safer one cup at a time. 




Kisses from Kids

I got a box of kisses ūüėė after an incredible service at HopeNYC!

In fact! The box was all over the building! Hope Kidz ministry gave a ūüćęsweet gift back for supporting! They’re going to do great things this year! If you have or know any kids, visit Hope Kidz on Sunday morning! This is the most exciting children’s ministry I’ve ever seen! The teachers are loving and caring. I often see kids doing fun arts and crafts. They sit at the tables excited with their bibles. I’ve seen them over the years growing ¬†as they learn more about The Lord and His Word. I’ve even seen cool prizes being given out! HopeNYC services are on Sunday mornings at 10:30am.


7 Fasting Benefits

Around the globe, many churches are corporately fasting to seek the face of God and devote the first of 2017 to Him. Some may go for a just few days while others go for 21 or even 40 days! Compass Cafe honors this sacrifice and helps fasters by introducing their new Daniel smoothie! A fresh purple smoothie that contains pineapple, mango, mixed berries, spinach and kale. The cafe also introduces their brand new fresh fruit cups and a snack bag of mixed nuts. These items are perfect for anyone doing the Daniel fast. For those on a complete water fast, Compass water bottles are available! Not to mention a fine variety of tea including my favorites: green and stress relief.


Many fasters use this time to dig deep into The Word of God and read books¬†that will strengthen their faith. At Compass, you will find perfect reading space along with encouraging christian music, tables, couches, fireplace, not to mention The Song of Songs: Divine Romance¬†(The¬†Passion Translation) on the book shelf. This is the perfect setting for your studies. Journaling is a vital part of fasting. People write down their experiences, prayers, needs, visions and more! ¬†Compass cafe has a great variety of journals and I’m sure¬†you will¬†find the one that fits your personality. With the perfect study space, uplifting music, healthy¬†new menu options and friendly staff,¬†your fasting experience can be a little easier and sweeter at Compass Cafe (Never mind the coffee and cakes) You’ll get through it!

Did you know there are many benefits to fasting? I’ll give you seven!

These are a few of the many benefits taken from The Miracles Results of Fasting 


1. Revelations from God

2.Speedily answered prayers 

3.Deliverance from sinful or unhealthy habits

4.Loss of unwanted weight 

5.Slow down aging process 

6. Assists in curing mental and emotional disorders 

7. Longer Life