Behold! A new look! Compass café has been

R E N O V A T E D 🔨

There is:

  • Spacious interior
  • Revised logo
  • Salads, Keto brownies, fresh bread plus more new items!
  • New Compass Wall
  • More compassion than ever before!
  • Compass makes up most of the word
  • C O M P A S S I O N!
  • This is so true because this shop is on a mission to rescue slaves caught into the trap of sex trafficking. As we go about our day, these victims are going through unimaginable abuse. They are often lured into the traps in hopes of providing income for their families! In fact, these traps come in the form of job opportunities, love, promises for a better life and friendships. Jesus loves each one of these precious souls and Compass Café is there to provide His compassion!
  • We all need to take action to help them. One simple yet significant way YOU CAN rescue is to purchase your coffee & sweets from Compass! The proceeds will go towards their freedom.
  • Visit Compass:
  • 142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436
  • Buses nearby: Q7, Q40, Q6
  • Only a 5 min ride away from JFK ✈️
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    HopeNYC is preparing to make this the best Christmas ever…for children overseas.

    Build an Ark was the theme of HopeNYC’s 2017 Toy Drive! Hopers picked up a hammer and worked together to raise the funds to provide tons of toys (possibly an Ark-full)

    I noticed the genuine cheerfulness in giving until the drive was over. Putting a smile on a child’s face has always been an important mission at HopeNYC. A child may be receiving their first toy this year. The toys will be off to the Caribbean this Christmas: Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, and Belize! High quality popular brand new toys. As someone would say “Toys you would buy for your own children.”

    What makes this year even more exciting is that some of the Hopers will be going to the

    countries to distribute these toys in person.

    Special gifts were given to every participant of the Toy Drive so they won’t forget the time they got to Build An Ark.

    HopeNYC has big plans for Christmas even in New York! Read my previous blog about the Christmas parade. Look out for info this upcoming month on or on the Facebook Page:

    Don’t Bring Gifts To This Birthday Party!

    This weekend, you are invited to one of the greatest birthday celebrations in New York! This Sunday is not going to be ordinary. Compass Coffee turns two years old and this birthday has been incredibly and carefully planned.

    Compass is a Missions coffee shop that was created to help people in other countries get clean drinking water and rescue girls out of human trafficking through its partnership with The Zion project!


    We will hear from the actual founder of the Zion Project: Pastor Deven Wallace. We will see her live and she will be preaching THIS Sunday at 10:30am at HopeNYC. Right after service, Compass will actually be giving you presents 🎁 as we celebrate this birthday! There will ALSO be special surprises for people who purchase a cup of coffee, dessert or item that day!

    The fact that Pastor Deven will be at HopeNYC on Compass’ Birthday is not a coincidence or luck but this was indeed a divine appointment set up by God. In fact, Compass is a divine idea founded to help others and it will continue it’s mission even stronger as it steps into it’s second year! Read more about the MISSION here

    Address for HopeNYC Church & Compass:

    142-82 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica NY 11414


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    Hope hits Harlem

    Today, HopeNYC helped hundreds in Harlem by distributing boxes upon boxes of Thanksgiving foods, household items, & Avon Products. The major organizations that provided these items were Feed The ChildrenAvon. The boxes came in trucks. HopeNYC Church teamed with Harlem Fellowship Church & made a great difference to families the community. The people were blessed as they happily rolled their carts knowing it was Jesus. HopeNYC did not only give away the groceries but they helped carry it to the cars. The occasion was so immense that NY1 & other News reporters stopped by to interview. Another major help was NBA Knicks player Carmelo Anthony, who made his appearance & gave to families. This event took place in The Manhattan Center of Science & Mathematics High School. (I went to school here btw)

    Harlem was indeed blessed & they all anticipate an Awesome Thanksgiving!


    Hope Ambassadors

    Today was the launch of something Incredible!

    Hope Ambassadors!

    HopeNYC has accomplished so much in the last 5 years but there is a huge calling in Missions. In Missions, we go to different countries & states to help many people. HopeNYC has done Missions in Haiti, Panama, Trinidad, Belize, the Philippians & New York. More than just  helping someone in need, these trips are all about Jesus. We show His love by feeding the hungry, providing water, building soup kitchens, installing water filters, sending Christmas toys & sharing the good news. The Ambassadors are so excited to go out & serve.

    Watch out World! The Hope Ambassadors are coming!

    Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 28:19

    “And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” Matthew 10:42

    And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Mark 16:15