Coffee, Cookie, Challenge!

My recent Instagram Post: Reading the book of Ephesians 💻#Read #Bible #Ephesians #Cookie #Coffee #Outside #Summer #Compass 

Last night many accepted the challenge! I am sitting right outside of Compass Cafe starting it off reading on the mac with some coffee & munching on a Jodi Bake cookie! For the next two Hope Day services: We will be digging deep into the book of Ephesians. I am so excited. Excited to fall in love more with Christ and find fresh new things in these love letters written by Paul 🖊 Now the challenge: Read the entire book of Ephesians every day for three weeks with a pencil!  Why? God is about to speak! 

Need to fall back in love with Christ? ❤️ Are you a new believer or know a new believer? The book of Ephesians is a great place to open the Bible & get started! This new series is a great time to make your first visit at HopeNYC Church! Summer at Hope is starting & it’s usually so suntastically awesome. So much that I think we end up having much more fun than vacation goers ✈️ 

Sunday services: 10:30 AM

Hope day Wednesday services: 7 PM

Tomorrow right outside in front of our building: HOMESTRETCH! See dozens of beautiful amazing testimonies get encouraged like never before! 


God’s Time Clock!

The past Sunday at HopeNYC was BIG SUNDAY! It was indeed an awesome service full of praise & worship to God in many forms. There were special songs, bright & beautifully dressed dancers, awesome music by the musicians, singers singing their hearts out to God & a 7 year old girl  who recited an entire psalm. On Big Sunday, each 1st time guest received an Awesome red T-shirt that says “Hope for God.” Another thing that made this Sunday big was the kick off to a brand new series titled God’s Time Clock, taught by Dr. Randy Caldwell, The Ambassador for Christians United for Israel! The series has been mind-blowingly incredible! We are all learning all sorts of stuff; The meaning of numbers (All numbers have a meaning), Hebrew letters ( Each Hebrew letter can also be a picture or a word), The significance of Abraham’s name change, animals in astrology, & so much more! If there is something you don’t understand it gets cleared up here! This series is still going & tonight & tomorrow at 7pm.

If this interests you, It will be streamed live tonight around 7:30. (if it doesn’t work, try later)

You can click here to view it:

In general, to watch Hope Services Live, just go to & Click on the Bottom Center Watch Hope Live