The Kids are Busy!

School is not the only thing this week on the minds of the kids at HopeNYC. They have been busy helping victims of human trafficking! Creating over 60 candy-filled boxes! Taking charge of a breakfast menu! Supporting the ministry! Prepping for a 2018 launch event!

Kids have a blast at HopeNYC church. They

learn, pray, grow and play but also take care of their ministries. HopeKidz and Tweens help kids grow in Christ all year round in the most exciting creative ways. They’re constantly aiming to make each year better than the last. They also make new kids feel welcomed and at times make it their mission to help others across the globe.

Sending over some shoes & toiletries over the past summers.

Hope Kidz

This week, Hope Kidz created love boxes just in time for Valentine’s Day! They were brightly colored, beautifully wrapped and filled with chocolate! Hope Kidz provided the perfect presents for your loved ones and supported their ministry financially!

HopeNYC Tweens

The Tweens ministry is exclusively for kids ages 10-12. They meet every Friday at 6pm for fellowship, worship, games, prizes, food & The Word! They also plan trips & have fun video contests!

They are launching with their first meeting tomorrow at 6pm! After a fantastic service they are serving up breakfast on Sunday at Compass: Ham and cheese sliders with tater tots! They successfully sold tickets over the week and all proceeds are going towards rescuing victims of human trafficking and providing clean drinking water to impoverished countries.

I’m just typing in amazement! Being a weekly attendee at HopeNYC, I see their enthusiasm, faith and passion in what they do! This has been a busy week but they’re going accomplish a lot this year!


142-82 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica NY 11436

Sunday Service (And Children’s church) – 10:30am

Wednesday Prayer and Deliverance – 7:00pm

Friday for Tweens – 6pm

Friday for Teens 7:30pm


Minions on the Mega Screen

HopeNYC had its first ever drive-in movie! 

It was an amazing experience and I definitely want to do it again. Despicable Me 2 was the movie on the mega screen! 

The night was perfect! There were movie boxes with tons of snacks! Coffee and goodies were available at Compass! Where else can you enjoy an iced latte at the movies? What made the night perfect were these minion themed cake pops made for the occasion by Pint Sized Bites 

The special movie boxes from Compass made the experience better! It contained: popcorn, a Jodi Bakes chocolate chip cookie, candy box of your choice, a corn dog, bag of chips, can of soda and finally your choice of  popcorn chicken with fries or a meatball sub! It’s a movie meal! And it wasn’t expensive at all 💵 

I’m not a soda drinker at all but I got a bottle of water instead 💦  

The screen was mega! Here’s a pic of it during the day! 

This drive-in movie was tons of fun but there was a purpose! Of course proceeds in Compass went towards helping victims of sex trafficking and providing clean drinking water to impoverished countries but the very inexpensive movie tickets helped raised funds for the Hope Kidz ministry to have an awesome 2017 VBS along with other kids in the community or anywhere 🌎  It is fast approaching and YOUR KIDS ARE INVITED! This will be an ideal, joyful, and life-changing weekend for kids ages 4-10!  FREE ADMISSION! 

Win a shiny new bike and a fantastic Easter weekend  

We are less than 2 days away from HopeNYC’s 9th annual Easter egg hunt! FREE ADMISSION and there will be 10,000 candy filled eggs out in the field! It’s going to be wonderful time at Baisely Pond Park in Queens this Saturday April 15th! Register your children at 10am before the hunt & get their Easter baskets ready! 

Good Friday Service Tommorow- At HopeNYC 6pm! Life changing message, remembering The Lord and washing of the saints feet! Awesome time for a pedicure!

Rise up Easter Service – Exciting live Broadway like production with sermons, singing and dancing!FREE & FREE gifts for first time guest! It’s HopeNYC! You can pick the 8:30am or the 11:00am service! Your choice!

Kisses from Kids

I got a box of kisses 😘 after an incredible service at HopeNYC!

In fact! The box was all over the building! Hope Kidz ministry gave a 🍫sweet gift back for supporting! They’re going to do great things this year! If you have or know any kids, visit Hope Kidz on Sunday morning! This is the most exciting children’s ministry I’ve ever seen! The teachers are loving and caring. I often see kids doing fun arts and crafts. They sit at the tables excited with their bibles. I’ve seen them over the years growing  as they learn more about The Lord and His Word. I’ve even seen cool prizes being given out! HopeNYC services are on Sunday mornings at 10:30am.