Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who are reading!

Here is an interesting Pinterest quote I thought you might enjoy:

I encourage you to continue to be that! Also! All men are encouraged to father! It doesn’t mean to have kids but take kids and younger men under your wing! Mentor, teach, pray, invest & care for them. You don’t have to be 30 to do this! Enjoy your fathers! Let it be a blessed one!


Find a Good Father 

“There are good fathers at Hope! ”

I remember sitting down hearing that yesterday at HopeNYC’s Father’s Day service and I agree! But I must mention that they learned from the best 👆🏽 In fact all of us do! At HopeNYC, your problem is our problem and your victories and achievements is our celebration! Over the years of attending, I see that the men of God here look out for their church family. Always aiming to encourage, give, teach and intercede in prayer for other sons and daughters. Yesterday, many celebrated their fathers, relatives and father figures and highly exalted their Heavenly Father. The one responsible for all good fathers. There were gifts, testimonies, dances, and more! It was such a good time! Many Hope Kidz spoke out in a video how they felt about their dads. WARNING ⚠️ some are cute and some are funny!

Fathers Day Gifts

Maps, globes, mugs, anchors, chocolate, flash drives!  There are so many gifts you can find here for Fathers Day!  I’m always talking about the coffee & treats here, this Vlog shows the fabulous Fathers day gifts that can be purchased at Compass Cafe & each purchase helps with the cause: To help provide clean drinking water to children across the globe. Regardless of my shy speech please take a look at the Father’s Day presents! I’ve never seen these sold at any cafe around!