What’s going good with you?¬†

Words can’t express how thankful I am towards Jesus my savior. I’m thankful for waking up this morning to a new day with endless possibilities. Thankful for no feelings of physical pain & the ability to move around actively. I’m doing what I love right now ūüďł I am thankful for a growing business, & excited for future job opportunities. We encountered car problems almost 2 years ago but He gave us a better car absolutely free! I’m thankful I’ve actually got a good marriage with someone genuine, amazing & cares greatly about God’s kingdom. Also thankful for a good family & the friends that do keep in contact. Not to mention daily forgiveness of sins, limitless counseling from the Holy Spirit & an upcoming eternal life in Jesus Christ. I am aware that there are plenty of things I do not have & things that are going wrong but at the same time there are too many things going well! 

What are you thankful for? Remember to be thankful for the things, people and blessings you have every day!  That is how breakthrough is going to come to you! 

If you just read this, please think about things in your life & leave a comment below about what’s going good with you now and what you’re thankful for! 

Be sure to check out the blog I posted last Wed about breakthrough. It is the word of the season and the word God is speaking now at HopeNYC.

Services are on:

Sunday morning 10:30am 

Wed night 7pm 

You can gets compass before and after services.


3 Days to Celebrate! 

What are you doing next week? One of the most significant days to ever happen just to honor The Savior Jesus, The Word at beginning and one who sacrificed His Life to save the world ūüĆé If there are no plans, I encourage you visit HopeNYC for an amazing Good Friday service: NEXT WEEK April 14th 6pm. Visit the HopeNYC website for information, directions, weekly services and additional upcoming events. 

This Good Friday service will have an amazing Word for you. There’s worship in music, the holy communion, gifts for first time guests and washing of the saints feet (amazing yet optional) The opportunity to do what Jesus did when He washed the foot of His disciple. Just look around, pick someone in the room or a friend. Towels and buckets will be provided. 

Bright and early on Saturday morning! It’s time to have fun at HopeNYC’s 9th annual Easter egg hunt! Everyone’s invited to spend a sunny morning with us at Baisely park while kids ages 1-9 explore with their easter baskets hunting around 10,000 colored candy-filled eggs. Finding a gold or silver egg gives them an amazing opportunity to win a bicycle or scooter along with some other fantastic prizes. Going home with dozens of eggs filled with candy is good enough for me ūüėÄ The best part is, Admission is free! 

The Priest, Pilate’s wife, and Peter! What went on in their minds after witnessing the most horrific mind-blowing scene in all humanity. Come see their view of the situation in a production where the story begins right at the start of service at 8am. Too early for you? Catch the 11am service! This broadway style yet Holy Spirit annointed production is filled with a life-changing message, dance, and an atmosphere that will take you back to the past where it all happened. If you are in New York make your way to Rockaway blvd for an exciting Easter service. 

HopeNYC Super Bowl Party

HopeNYC had its annual Super Bowl party! We viewed the game on a super-sized screen fit for a football fan.

Not into the game? Just the wings, fellowship, cozy couches and great music by DJ Mark Xclusive made it SUPER! At half time things got spicy! There was a hot wing eating contest! These wings were drenched in ghost peppers, chili peppers, Habanero and much more heat!  The snack shop had a tall menu of game day specials: wings, burgers, fries, hotdogs, nachos, chicken tenders, chips, candy and soda! I crave the wings around this time of year and got my fix with Asian and habanero and buffalo!

Spicy! Sweet! Savory! Satisfying!

These were prepared here at HopeNYC and I can say these are the best wings I’ve ever had. Everyone had a good time here. Football fans, wing lovers, children, commercial watchers….Overall everyone had the ultimate game day experience!

Who did I root for? Originally I cheered on the Falcons  from the start but although they didn’t win, I went home with a valuable  important lesson.

No matter how bad things may look from the start even if it takes as long as halftime, things can change and you can win!

Spiritually: No matter how bad things look and how short you come, God can change everything in an instant for you. Keep going!




7 Fasting Benefits

Around the globe, many churches are corporately fasting to seek the face of God and devote the first of 2017 to Him. Some may go for a just few days while others go for 21 or even 40 days! Compass Cafe honors this sacrifice and helps fasters by introducing their new Daniel smoothie! A fresh purple smoothie that contains pineapple, mango, mixed berries, spinach and kale. The cafe also introduces their brand new fresh fruit cups and a snack bag of mixed nuts. These items are perfect for anyone doing the Daniel fast. For those on a complete water fast, Compass water bottles are available! Not to mention a fine variety of tea including my favorites: green and stress relief.


Many fasters use this time to dig deep into The Word of God and read books¬†that will strengthen their faith. At Compass, you will find perfect reading space along with encouraging christian music, tables, couches, fireplace, not to mention The Song of Songs: Divine Romance¬†(The¬†Passion Translation) on the book shelf. This is the perfect setting for your studies. Journaling is a vital part of fasting. People write down their experiences, prayers, needs, visions and more! ¬†Compass cafe has a great variety of journals and I’m sure¬†you will¬†find the one that fits your personality. With the perfect study space, uplifting music, healthy¬†new menu options and friendly staff,¬†your fasting experience can be a little easier and sweeter at Compass Cafe (Never mind the coffee and cakes) You’ll get through it!

Did you know there are many benefits to fasting? I’ll give you seven!

These are a few of the many benefits taken from The Miracles Results of Fasting 


1. Revelations from God

2.Speedily answered prayers 

3.Deliverance from sinful or unhealthy habits

4.Loss of unwanted weight 

5.Slow down aging process 

6. Assists in curing mental and emotional disorders 

7. Longer Life

Hope at the movies

I have a saying…

“The best movies are the ones about Jesus”

HopeNYC took over one of the AMC auditoriums & had a screening for the movie: Risen. The theater was blessed with long snack lines, hopers that supported the movie & new guests! Each brand new guest got to view the movie for free along with the person who brought them and they received a goodie bag with a big cookie, a HopeNYC Easter Service/ Good Friday/Egg hunt invite cards & colorful marshmallows. All of us enjoyed the comfy reclining seats the theater offered and the free slushy refill! At the end of the movie we prayed together. It was an amazing movie with a story told from a non believer/Roman’s point of view. This whole experience was not only so much fun it was evangelism. This is the best church in New York showing the love of Jesus.


Wow Moms

Mother’s Day came back around & HopeNYC was ready.

Our mission: To make sure no mother beneath the HopeNYC roof leave the premises unchanged,¬†under-appeciated and empty-handed. There is only one person who’s up for the challenge and that’s Jesus!

At Hope we say something very special:

We are the hands & feet but God is the face. In fact, that is a very famous hashtag we hopers use so often; #GodIsTheFace

Every mom that walked through the door recieved a jumbo chocolate heart on a stick and beautiful button that says I’m a Hope Mom. They were also treated to a big breakfast. ¬†The children’s ministry had a beautiful dance prepared.

11196246_1104257949591667_6809034280594002471_n 10982781_1104259496258179_7673646629414735778_n

The teenagers performed a skit where one brave christian girl in school stands up to her peers¬†& proudly states¬†that¬†her mother is her best friend. She leads by example & encourages her friends to celebrate mother’s day with their mothers. Not the boyfriend, not the gang of kids at the pizza shop, not with the Xbox and not at the nail salon. They go to church and ¬†their moms feel loved because of the atmosphere Jesus created for them. The breakfast, the spoken word the “pretend church service”… This girl brought the¬†families¬†together.

The girl who is the example. That's me in the yellow  :)
The girl who is the example. That’s me in the yellow ūüôā

11138664_1104259729591489_3616736879301081920_n  11262508_1104258046258324_4906515962791180660_n11008424_1104258519591610_8240678880668537136_n

Our fabulous Men’s Chior!

11255736_1104260029591459_4359172661960220863_n 11234820_1450739118557425_6733300248773763837_n

Dance by our Haitian brother Steven ( I can’t do these moves)


Crowding the altars. Prayer & Presents!

11258528_1104260536258075_8062813329085881787_n 1549313_1104259469591515_6470502313931727943_n    11265537_1104257809591681_5685146322466243326_n  11069943_1104260756258053_1601778896419007550_n11264850_1104260026258126_7358322881668965350_n11262435_1104258162924979_4794831407408282328_n

Children’s Church planting & placing flowers in a polka dot pot!

11262117_1104258806258248_4701966090410748004_n  10931199_1104260676258061_177642378238864570_n10417704_1104258522924943_7450993552226861729_n

Moving Message by our Pastor

11210523_1104258359591626_7888962582337467827_n (1)

Demonstrating with characters Moses crossing the Red sea. We are parting sea.
Demonstrating with characters Moses crossing the Red sea. We are the parting sea.

Mother’s Day was so awesome at Hope. God is the Face!

HopeNYC Info


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Service Times

Sunday Service – 10:30am

Wenesday night Prayer & Deliverance Service (Where we go deep in the Word of God) – 7:00pm

Friday night WildFire Teen Ministry– 7:30pm


How Big is our God?

Easter Sunday! What a bright & sunny morning. The birds are chirping & the weather is warm. Most importantly! The Son has risen! What a fabulous day to dress up into a fancy suit or a floral dress. Such a magnificent morning to acknowledge Jesus & to go to church! After all you are filled with gladness & you are excited to hear that message!


So, you’re on your way to HopeNYC¬†& finally you arrive! The first thing you see are the lovely girls dancing outside on the platform. Bright smiles,¬†vibrant colors, golden make up, It really feels like Easter!



Going to church seems like a good idea, until you climb the stairs to find a boy sitting at the top dressed completely in black covered in ropes. His shirt says MISERY & his gloom grabs your attention.


You walk away wondering what his deal was & all of a sudden, an angry man charges right at you with a snarl but luckily he was tied up. Whats his deal? I don’t know but his shirt says ANGER.


You thought you got away from these maniacs but you gotta pass the metal fence before you get to the door of the church. All of a sudden you notice that you are being starred down by a girl with disconetent in her face. Her shirt says HATE.


You try walking away then another girl in ropes stands nearby. She actually runs frantic as she paces the floor in panic. Her shirt says FEAR.


¬† You’ve finally made it inside. It’s all¬†normal now. You just need to walk up the¬†stairs & make it to the sancuary to grab yourself a¬†seat. Maybe¬†notify an usher to get rid of the loons hanging outside. All of a sudden DEPRESSION blocks your way up! She hides her face with her hair as she¬†pities every piece of her life.


You ask yourself is it still Easter? Where are the colors? Where are the crosses? Where is the joy? You finally make it up to the beautiful & holy sancuary & then feel safe again. It is not to your surprise that it is already packed with people. In fact it is a full dark house. Where is the light? The place is dimmly lit! All of a sudden you hear whispers. You may or may not be eavesdropping but you can’t help but to hear mulpile conversations going on in the room. Conversations touching different topics like¬†money, love, depression, death, stress, cancer, healing, faith, blessings, deliverance, miracles & more. Who is talking? By now, you think you’ve gone crazy because you hear voices. Well, You are not crazy! We all hear it! The voices were actually recorded by the young adults of HopeNYC (LIFT OFF) & their conversations were being played out loud on the speakers. Why? to scare? No to minister.

(I wish I can attach the mp3 audio file of the voices here but I need to have Premium account to do so)

As the voices stopped the service started. All of sudden, sounds began to play & a great voice began to speak, the lights came on at the command of that voice. The service was moving, startling & beautiful. It was assuring that everyone sitting on a chair that morning was at the right place at the right time.Throughout the service, there were light shows, videos, spoken words, dances & 10 min sermons. On stage the screen gave an imax-like experience & it showed beautiful images of the galaxy & gorgouse views of the NYC skyline. This was a HopeNYC service like never before! It all revolved around one simple question: How Big is Our God?


He is so big that His hand spans the universe.


He is so big that He can set everyone free! Remember MISERY, FEAR, ANGER, HATE & DEPRESSION? 


God is so big that He assembles angels as the warriors of His mighty undefeatable army. 

11095112_1084188324931963_1629946565241305369_n 11091549_1084187584932037_2740293542386665451_n10407035_1084187621598700_7115543745595322005_n

God is so big that every knee shall bow & every tounge will confess that He is Lord. Everyone on, above & beneath the Earth.

11129914_1084187741598688_6387631207556855375_n 10526068_1084188631598599_5126806128199943989_n

God is so big that words can’t describe Him.

10418361_1084187691598693_1452313237803982159_n 11094682_1084187661598696_7163803964145033657_n


God is so big that you can never stop making music for Him. You can always sing Him your own song.


God is so big that His burial & ressurection is known & celebrated worldwide.

Part- taking of The Holy Communion
The Holy Communion taking place at HopeNYC on Easter morning.

God is so big that we can’t make a sound loud enough even if our voices¬†united!¬†

HopeNYC's Chior
HopeNYC’s Chior

Now, there is another question: Why would The Big God of the universe want a relationship with us? It is just mind-blogging yet so simple. His love for You is bigger than you know!



If you want to see more photos of HopeNYC’s Easter service Go to HopeNYC’s Official Facebook Page¬†& find the Easter Sunday! album right on the timeline or in photos. Also go to this page to find out¬†what’s happening next at Hope!

Sunday Services -10:30am

Prayer & Deliverance Service (GOOD STUFF) – Wenesday night at 7pm

Teen service – Friday Night @ 7:30pm

God’s Time Clock!

The¬†past Sunday at HopeNYC was BIG SUNDAY! It was indeed an awesome service full of praise & worship to God in many forms. There were special songs, bright & beautifully dressed dancers, awesome music by the musicians, singers singing their hearts out to God & a 7 year old girl ¬†who recited an entire psalm. On Big Sunday, each 1st time guest received an Awesome red T-shirt that says “Hope for God.” Another thing that made this Sunday big was the kick off to a brand new series titled God’s Time Clock, taught by Dr. Randy Caldwell, The Ambassador for Christians United for Israel! The series has been mind-blowingly incredible! We are all learning all sorts of stuff; The meaning of numbers (All numbers have a meaning), Hebrew letters ( Each Hebrew letter can also be a picture or a word), The significance of Abraham’s name change, animals in¬†astrology, & so much more! If there is something you don’t understand it gets cleared up here! This series is still going & tonight & tomorrow at 7pm.

If this interests you, It will be streamed live tonight around 7:30. (if it doesn’t work, try later)

You can click here to view it:


In general, to watch Hope Services Live, just go to http://www.HopeNYC.com & Click on the Bottom Center Watch Hope Live