Behold! A new look! Compass café has been

R E N O V A T E D 🔨

There is:

  • Spacious interior
  • Revised logo
  • Salads, Keto brownies, fresh bread plus more new items!
  • New Compass Wall
  • More compassion than ever before!
  • Compass makes up most of the word
  • C O M P A S S I O N!
  • This is so true because this shop is on a mission to rescue slaves caught into the trap of sex trafficking. As we go about our day, these victims are going through unimaginable abuse. They are often lured into the traps in hopes of providing income for their families! In fact, these traps come in the form of job opportunities, love, promises for a better life and friendships. Jesus loves each one of these precious souls and Compass Café is there to provide His compassion!
  • We all need to take action to help them. One simple yet significant way YOU CAN rescue is to purchase your coffee & sweets from Compass! The proceeds will go towards their freedom.
  • Visit Compass:
  • 142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436
  • Buses nearby: Q7, Q40, Q6
  • Only a 5 min ride away from JFK ✈️
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    Time is Ticking For Our Superheroes!

    As you read about Family day you know:

    • There are games for EVERYONE!
    • Four amazing teams
    • It’s MARVEL themed this year
    • You are invited!

    Over the last few weeks, the teams met together to strategize! Creating flags, rehearsing a dance, planning a menu, shopping for gear, brainstorming… Serious preparations are being made for Family Day! Not to mention individuals exercising and training on their own time.

    There are also boosters (mini games) during church services to win the team some advantages like a headstart in the go-cart race and a free soccer goal.

    There has also been preliminaries for flag-football, volleyball, soccer and cricket during the last two Sundays.

    There’s plenty to do before the big day! You are welcome to join us

    T H I S S U N D A Y

    At Baisely Pond Park!

    Join us for a special church service at 10:30am and after we walk to the park at 1pm ⬇️


    Your Revival Begins Tomorrow!

    Meet us under the tent for 4 POWER-PACKED REVIVING SERVICES! HopeNYC is taking church outdoors! Struggling? Know anyone dealing with an illness (even incurable)? Bring your troubles to the alter and be sure to listen closely to the life-changing Word that will be brought by: The Bishop Marlo Ramdial who pastors at  Mountain View New Testament Church of God in Trinidad! They do incredible creative things! See what they’re up to now by reading whats on Kingdom Repping’s Blog  here on WordPress!


    • Tomorrow October 1st at 10:30am
    • Evening Service Tomorrow October 1st at 6pm
    • October 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 7:30pm

    Let’s Fly to Hawaii Tomorrow ✈️ 

    Yes tomorrow! I am aware that there may not be much time to pack but bringing one festive outfit will do! There’s a fantastic Luau tomorrow at sunset that we must get ready for! 

    We are not going to JFK airport but we are heading in that direction! We’re stopping somewhere approximately five minutes away! In fact! That’s where we’ll be flying ✈️ 

    You are invited to a LUAU at Compass Coffee tomorrow night at 7pm! Search for a breezy camp shirt, grass skirt, floral dress and tropical wear because it’s Hawaiian attire! Every Friday this summer, Compass has hosted fun-filled special themed events after their closing time! Remember my past posts on Endless Summer nights? Reggae Night Part 2  Or Minions on the Mega screen? 

    Tomorrow is the last night Endless Summer Night of SUMMER 2017 and it’s going to close out with the best Luau in Queens 🌺  Experience Hawaii in New York at Compass Coffee with a Luau: HOPE STYLE! You won’t miss a day at your job or won’t feel like a stranger tomorrow with the Hope family! 

    Located at 142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436

    Here’s how it went down last time we did a Luau in the yard! 

    50 and over having fun

    The Jubilee ministry is for ages 50 and over! There is an exciting meeting this Saturday with an international theme! Relax, play some games, sing karaoke, mingle, learn a craft and eat great food because it’s going to be a potlock; people will bring dishes from their countries! It’s happening at 4pm this Saturday at HopeNYC Church!

    Just like I mentioned in my previous vlogs! I will let you know of any awesome events opened to the community!

    3 Days to Celebrate! 

    What are you doing next week? One of the most significant days to ever happen just to honor The Savior Jesus, The Word at beginning and one who sacrificed His Life to save the world 🌎 If there are no plans, I encourage you visit HopeNYC for an amazing Good Friday service: NEXT WEEK April 14th 6pm. Visit the HopeNYC website for information, directions, weekly services and additional upcoming events. 

    This Good Friday service will have an amazing Word for you. There’s worship in music, the holy communion, gifts for first time guests and washing of the saints feet (amazing yet optional) The opportunity to do what Jesus did when He washed the foot of His disciple. Just look around, pick someone in the room or a friend. Towels and buckets will be provided. 

    Bright and early on Saturday morning! It’s time to have fun at HopeNYC’s 9th annual Easter egg hunt! Everyone’s invited to spend a sunny morning with us at Baisely park while kids ages 1-9 explore with their easter baskets hunting around 10,000 colored candy-filled eggs. Finding a gold or silver egg gives them an amazing opportunity to win a bicycle or scooter along with some other fantastic prizes. Going home with dozens of eggs filled with candy is good enough for me 😀 The best part is, Admission is free! 

    The Priest, Pilate’s wife, and Peter! What went on in their minds after witnessing the most horrific mind-blowing scene in all humanity. Come see their view of the situation in a production where the story begins right at the start of service at 8am. Too early for you? Catch the 11am service! This broadway style yet Holy Spirit annointed production is filled with a life-changing message, dance, and an atmosphere that will take you back to the past where it all happened. If you are in New York make your way to Rockaway blvd for an exciting Easter service. 

    They meet again!

    This past Valentines day,The NBA teamed up with HopeNYC to distribute food, children’s coats & other goodies to the community! Retired Basketball player Kenny Smith  helped raised $1 million for Feed the children & didn’t stop there! He gave a brand new car to one very lucky volunteer. There was definitely love in the air & it was the love of Jesus Christ to the families. The 140 HopeNYC volunteers worked all day putting 2,400 care packages in the hands & showing the love of Jesus in this wonderful outreach. Each family left the church happily with hands & carts filled heavily with boxes & bags! One blessed person opened one of their boxes & was surprised with a dress, jewelry, make up, colon, shoes & other products by Avon. As HopeNYC’s chief operating officer said “It is our heart to give back to this community.”

    This was Queen’s Largest outreach! Check it out on TNT News! Click to see the short video

    Why is this post titled They meet again? Remember Hope Hits Harlem

    Like The HopeNYC Facebook page & Check out our Website

    Kenny Smith with the workers taking a selfie with a HopeNYC Youth
    Kenny Smith with the HopeNYC staff & pastors who organized this outreach.
    DJ Mark Xclusive

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