My Iced Latte Review!

This is the opinion of my iced latte this morning at Compass! 

All the flavors your tastebuds should experience with coffee! Strong nutty taste from the espresso which is creamed with cool almond milk stirred with the right teaspoons of sugar. I craved strong and sweet and got it! What do you crave? There’s choices in sweetners, syrups & milk to make your ideal cup of hope! Just ask ūüėÄ

This Saturday morning as I work here on the laptop, I see tweens sitting together with frappes, soda, and Sunshine snacks. I’ve seen people today enjoy the Compass sandwiches talking how great the pesto spread tastes. A little boy who actually likes chai tea lattes and a friend of mine that dunked an oatmeal cream cookie in a milkshake. How interesting! Should try it one day! This is a pleasant place to be in the rain right now. Stay dry everyone! 

TOMORROW AT 10:30pm! Awesome place to bring your dad! Empowering encouraging Word, gifts and more! It’s always such a special service! He will be blessed!


NEXT SUNDAY AFTER SERVICE! ūüĆé Try foods from around the world! 

¬†Guat’s up? XELA That’s what! (Pronounces shay-la)

One cup quenches the thirst of a child miles away. One cup rescues a victim, held in the horrific hands of human trafficking. One cup can kick-start your day with a smile in each sip!
That’s what the XELA did to me. It‚Äôs an aromatic Guatemalan slow roast that’s like PEACE in a cup! It relaxes you yet energizes you in the most smoothing and subtle way! Because it does all of this, the XELA is actually my favorite coffee at Compass. Feel free to leave a comment below and share what’s your favorite coffee?


It’s 7pm. The doors of Compass are¬†closed! But wait! People are inside. How do I know? Did I see them? No! I heard them!

I heard a harmony¬†of voices hover around as it echoed down the hall. I opened the door to a group of people gathered together about to start something….actually finish something.

It’s the HopeNYC Choir! They have been practicing in the cafe after hours for the past few nights. This is not an ordinary cafe. During the day it’s your go-to place for coffee and comfy seating but by night, it can be a birthday celebration, open mic night, young adult gathering, brainstorm for a project, ministry meeting, filming location and more!¬†¬†I believe great things start¬†here.

So what does the HopeNYC choir sound like?  Come and hear them.

Compass is on a mission! Proceeds from this shop goes towards providing clean drinking water to impoverished countries and helps end human trafficking through partnership with the Zion Project! For more information visit and  If you enjoyed these blogs and vlogs  please like, share, share you thoughts, spread the word and lets support the mission. Compass aims to make the world a safer one cup at a time. 




Guaranteed to make you feel like fall

Have you ever tried this pumpkin spice latte? I encourage you to visit Compass Coffee and grab this latte for fall 2016! Very genuine autumn taste and smell. The spices relaxes you while the coffee wakes you.



This cafe is an amazing must-see fall destination. The decor, the desserts, the atmosphere, the aroma…I can see that they take fall seriously! Pencil in your visit to this cafe to your activities list right between hay rides and apple picking because it’s worth the visit. Every beverage, dessert and item purchased here goes towards helping children in different countries get clean drinking water.



Compass Coffee:  142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436

Nearest Buses: The Q40 and Q7

Parking: YES


  • Monday-Friday (Except Wed) 8am-7pm
  • Wed:- 8am-2pm
  • Sunday- Closed


many ordered this special latte today


Where I got free coffee on National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day!

I got free coffee at Compass Cafe! They gave away cups of their great-tasting, high quality, medium roast house blend! It possessed such a delicious aroma and fantastic taste! My first impression upon sipping the coffee was that it was warm and soothing. The flavor of the coffee was pleasing and delightful like the taste of maple. My house blend was balanced perfectly with half and half milk and light sugar. My friend enjoy hers with no sugar and my husband sips his with heavy cream. No matter the preference the house blend is loved by many and works as a favorite everyday kick starter for coffee lovers. This was the first time I celebrated National Coffee Day at Compass Coffee and I can say this was the best one ever for me.

As National Coffee Day officially ends Compass Coffee continues to celebrate Autumn! There are tons of awesome fall items from scented candles to pumpkin bars to apple cider…I’m having fun already enjoying the fall and hope you visit one day!



Compass Cafe is on

142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436

Hours: Monday-Friday (Except Wed) 8am-7pm

Wed- 8am-2pm

Sunday- Closed

The best part of all! Every drink, dessert, item you purchase at Compass cafe goes toward helping children in foreign countries get clean drinking water!





Shakeratto:Coffee on another level

Did you try¬†Compass Cafe’s newest drink? ¬†It’s skinny, refreshing,¬†and you gotta shake it to make it!


I also heard it was a healthy choice! The Shakeratto is brand new to Compass Cafe’. It’s a cold beverage but it means business because the espresso inside keeps you awake!

It’s very pleasurable for coffee drinkers because of the satisfyingly strong coffee taste. Believe me! It’s way different than a frappe’! There was no blending but a lot of SHAKING! Shaking the drink with¬†ice¬†really caused it to be refreshing. Order the Shakeratto to stay in Compass cafe’ and you’ll get it in tall clear glass. You’ll feel like you’ve ordered something special. A light brown frothy¬†layer sits at the top of¬†the beverage then follows a darker luscious liquid layer sitting under perfectly! Someone told me their Shakeratto was finished in two sips! It’s a skinny drink but not a small espresso shot. The sweet milk¬†also¬†makes this a sweet deal! Like I said at the end of the video “You’ve got to get yourself one of these!”



Caramel Macchiato

Today I showed you a Compass Cafe caramel macchiato! This satisfying cup of hope is one of the best beverages in this shop….says everyone I’ve heard. I don’t usually prefer caramel in my food or drink¬†but I really enjoyed this! A LOT! Especially the caramel dripping down the mug. I loved it!

Even though I’m more of a chocolate mocha person, this was extremely delicious and I enjoyed every sip. It’s still summer but today was cloudy and cool. Great day for a hot cup of hope! Even better when fall arrives! Come get your Compass Cafe macchiato in mocha or caramel! Regular, skim or soy! It will not disappoint!

It’s strong but not too much because its also sweet and creamy. The price is also a sweet deal! Plus you help a child in another country get clean drinking water! So enjoy your macchiato here at Compass ūüôā


The shout out at the end of the video was a congratulations to my friends who just had their baby girl! 






My new ring! 

Hours after publishing todays vlog about The 5 ways to be Healthy at Compass Cafe, my husband & I left  HopeNYC after a major street evangelism event Home Stretch . I bearly got anything to eat all day so we decided to go out somewhere good like our favorite Thai food resturaunt. I got in the car & found a blue box on my seat. It was one of Compass Cafe’s “Tiffany blue gift boxes” I thought putting it on the seat was part of the surprise but he intended to hide it before I got in. I agreed to not open the box until we were at the resturaunt…relaxed & ready at the right moment. We both ordered our soba noodle soups & I opened it after! It was just what I wanted! That ring I was eyeing for 3 days in the Cafe’! They started to sell jewelry this week & that ring really caught my attention! I love bizarre unique jewelry like that. Jewelry like a coffee on a saucer ring, piano key earrings, rotating hourglass necklace, 3 piece glasses nose & mustache ring set, camera necklaces, bead bracelets with an anchor charm ‚öďÔłŹ & so much more! 

Compass Cafe has Lemonade pitcher pendants, emoji earrings, glass of lemonade earrings, coffee cup bracelet charms much more new stuff! I love my new gift and I couldn’t get over looking at it. I really enjoyed it & the rest of time in the resturaunt with him.