One Cup of Coffee

It started out as a rough rainy day ☔️ Saving the morning with a mug of Compass’ houseblend! Great tasting high-quality coffee! You can also add in your favorite flavor like vanilla, hazelnut, pumpkin spice & more! One cup of coffee can contribute greatly & help girls to get out of human trafficking!



Behold! A new look! Compass café has been

R E N O V A T E D 🔨

There is:

  • Spacious interior
  • Revised logo
  • Salads, Keto brownies, fresh bread plus more new items!
  • New Compass Wall
  • More compassion than ever before!
  • Compass makes up most of the word
  • C O M P A S S I O N!
  • This is so true because this shop is on a mission to rescue slaves caught into the trap of sex trafficking. As we go about our day, these victims are going through unimaginable abuse. They are often lured into the traps in hopes of providing income for their families! In fact, these traps come in the form of job opportunities, love, promises for a better life and friendships. Jesus loves each one of these precious souls and Compass Café is there to provide His compassion!
  • We all need to take action to help them. One simple yet significant way YOU CAN rescue is to purchase your coffee & sweets from Compass! The proceeds will go towards their freedom.
  • Visit Compass:
  • 142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436
  • Buses nearby: Q7, Q40, Q6
  • Only a 5 min ride away from JFK ✈️
  • Christmas Time with Compass!

    The best place to experience the fall atmosphere has now transformed into the perfect spot for the Christmas season! ❄️

    Compass during Christmas time is cozy!

    Sit on on the couch and stay warm by the fire place. Also sip one of the warm beverages including Compass’ rich hot chocolate and milo!

    Creative 💡

    Be the original gift-giver and find some quaint wonderful items here. Also find the gear necessary to prepare for the holidays like serving trays, pretty cookie tins, chocolates, cake holders, gravy bowls, teapots, mugs and more items to make serving your guests quite fun!

    You will find the best ornaments around!

    Handmade personalized beautiful Christmas tree ornaments!

    Here’s a commercial from last year of the different kinds!

    (Some items may not be available this year. No Fall festival this year)

    The store looks beautiful! Come see it for yourself! The Q7 and Q40 stops here! Come visit at 142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamacia NY 11436

    Opens Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 8am -7pm

    Opened on Wednesdays from 8am-2pm!

    Don’t miss HopeNYC’s Christmas Parade This Sunday! It’s FREE! Come witness the biggest tree lighting in Queens!

    I didn’t open my 🎁

    Sips of Hope celebrates a special birthday! Two years of making a way of freedom for precious girls enslaved by human trafficking! Two years of providing clean drinking water to quench the thirst in several countries! Two years of serving good quality coffee and pastries to New Yorkers and providing a tranquil area in a busy city.

    Today Compass Café celebrated the BIG 2 by baking over 200 cupcakes!

    Giving 200 presents in sealed envelopes!

    Putting out the balloons

    What made today even special was that we got to MEET THE FOUNDER of the Zion Project: Pastor Deven Wallace! Today, we got to hear about her incredible story of how it started and the vision she received from God.

    I’m excited to come back to Compass this week and bring back my envelope! Each envelope has a gift. It can be a macchiato or an Amazon Firestick. A $100 Compass gift card or Thanksgiving dessert platter! Even the thought of a moyen hot chocolate or free cookie excites me! I didn’t open my gift yet but I’ll keep you posted when I find out this week!

    Two beautiful powerful anointed ladies! Selflessly bringing help and revival around the globe!

    Packed shop and long lines today!



    Click here to Feel Fall! (WARNING! Photos may cause drooling & constant dreaming)

    You just can’t help but to immerse yourself in the sight, sounds, smells and mood of fall. Such an inspirational season is where beautiful composition begins to unfold. Artistic strokes, warm awe-inspiring photographs, carefully crafted decor, unthinkable treats, dinner-table masterpieces and so much more.

    Compass is located on 142-82 Rockaway Blvd right in front of the Q40 and Q7 bus stops and 5 mins away from JFK ✈️ Feel the fall atmosphere in here 🍁

    What does fall make you think of? Compass has great gear for you! Baking tools, decor, mugs, books, apple cider kits, skillet pies, candles, journals, jars, honey and much more!


    The Pumpkin Spice Latte at Compass
    The perfect blend of coffee and a splendid stirring of pumpkin and just the right amount of sweet cinnamon goodness! Such an extraordinary high-quality sip! This is the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Compass!
    The word spreads around the neighborhood. These Jodi Bakes Pumpkin Bars are famous in the fall. Do you like yours with or without walnuts?
    Fall macaroons at Compass! These were a hit last year!
    The Fall Festival Cake
    The Fall Festival Cake! You get one beautiful slice that taste like cinnamon and maple. PERFECT!
    Yes this is pumpkin spice! Made by Jodi Bakes! 
    How many layers do you need for your dinner party this year?
    Nutella turnover fresh from the oven!
    Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!
    Sample of the Pumpkin Cheesecake (The original is bigger)
    Pumpkin Bars! With and without walnuts!
    Compass crumb cake!
    A Jodi Bakes pumpkin Pie is one of the best you will ever try!

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    Here’s what else they are posting!

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    Like CompassCoffee on Facebook and Follow on Instagram
    The Passion Translation! There’s also a creativity book of Psalms that lets you color inside of it! This is a rare find!