The Soothing Sound of Saxophone Worship 🎷

Listen as Andre plays To God be The Glory on the saxophone. He played it during today’s service at HopeNYC. Let this song of worship uplift you as it brings the presence of God with His peace through your phone/computer speakers.

Have a listen, relax and enjoy 😊

They kick it up a notch after a minute! Keep on listening 👂


Where am I?

Sitting at here at Compass looking to see what’s new! I saw fresh baked Cheese Danishes by Jodi Bakes and the first ever COOKIE CAKE  🍪 at Compass. I also tried the new creation! Creme Brûlée Cheesecake!

A very pretty and petite cheesecake with a torched golden surface topped with cream and a fresh raspberry. All sitting on top of a tasty crispy brown crust. The creamy, fruity, crust  flavors made such a complete and outstanding combo. It was so delicious and made a memorable impression on my taste buds. It made people want more. It was nothing ordinary. In fact, it didn’t taste like anything in New York but all the way in Europe as if I were sitting at a Paris Café. 

Compass is on a mission to help provide clean drinking water to impoverished countries  💦 and help victims of human trafficking! Every cup of coffee ☕️ Cake 🍰 Thing 🎁  you purchase goes towards the mission and helps make the world better 🌎

 Compass is located on 142-82 Rockaway Blvd, Jamacia NY 11414! Follow Compass on Instagram or Facebook at

She sparked the idea of a Missions coffee shop 💡
Seriously Yum!
Sparkly Macaroons ✨
Brand New Cookie Cake at Compass 🍪 For Birthdays and Special Occasions 🎈Made by Jodi Bakes!
Apple turnovers

Cheese danishes and a pile of cookies 🍪

7 Fasting Benefits

Around the globe, many churches are corporately fasting to seek the face of God and devote the first of 2017 to Him. Some may go for a just few days while others go for 21 or even 40 days! Compass Cafe honors this sacrifice and helps fasters by introducing their new Daniel smoothie! A fresh purple smoothie that contains pineapple, mango, mixed berries, spinach and kale. The cafe also introduces their brand new fresh fruit cups and a snack bag of mixed nuts. These items are perfect for anyone doing the Daniel fast. For those on a complete water fast, Compass water bottles are available! Not to mention a fine variety of tea including my favorites: green and stress relief.


Many fasters use this time to dig deep into The Word of God and read books that will strengthen their faith. At Compass, you will find perfect reading space along with encouraging christian music, tables, couches, fireplace, not to mention The Song of Songs: Divine Romance (The Passion Translation) on the book shelf. This is the perfect setting for your studies. Journaling is a vital part of fasting. People write down their experiences, prayers, needs, visions and more!  Compass cafe has a great variety of journals and I’m sure you will find the one that fits your personality. With the perfect study space, uplifting music, healthy new menu options and friendly staff, your fasting experience can be a little easier and sweeter at Compass Cafe (Never mind the coffee and cakes) You’ll get through it!

Did you know there are many benefits to fasting? I’ll give you seven!

These are a few of the many benefits taken from The Miracles Results of Fasting 


1. Revelations from God

2.Speedily answered prayers 

3.Deliverance from sinful or unhealthy habits

4.Loss of unwanted weight 

5.Slow down aging process 

6. Assists in curing mental and emotional disorders 

7. Longer Life