Do you like Reggae? 

Sunset, breeze and reggae right on Rockaway Blvd! Just a few photos of what endless summer nights look like on Fridays evenings at Compass! This past Friday was Reggae night! There was some dancing, relaxation, and great conversation! People sipped fresh cold fruit juices and great-tasting frappes out in front of Compass’ seating area. There were delicious desserts from Jodi Bakes and a taste of Jamacia. Enjoy endless summer nights at Compass every Friday this summer at 7pm! 

Jamaican sweet bread ūüćě
Beef pies

Feels Like Spring Here

Fresh flowers, coloring books, bright stationary, sundae bowls, picnic baskets, water bottles ūüí¶ ¬†These are a few of the fun colorful finds in the springtime at Compass cafe. There’s sweet spring themed desserts like the carnival cake ūüé° which tastes like cotton candy. There’s also the Gloreo which is ¬†a sweet chocolatey original Jodi Bakes creation all dressed up as a sunflower ūüĆĽ


Milkshakes, sundaes & the banana split are also some cool new items on the menu!

Be sure to visit Compass cafe cup of hope on 142-82 Rockaway Blvd! It’s a place worth seeing! Great¬†quality coffee with the most interesting merchandise! It’s also 5 mins away from JFK airport! PLUS all proceeds goes into missions! Providing clean drinking water to people in other countries and helping victims of human trafficking through its partnership with the Zion Project! You gotta stop by this spring & sip something here!


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There’s a Cupcake For That!

Theres a coffee shop in Queens on a mission! It’s not to serve good coffee but to¬†serve clean drinking water and end human trafficking! Read more about the cafe’s story here.¬†


Do you imagine yourself laying back on the beach of a tropical resort sipping a pi√Īa colada? There’s a cupcake for that! Do you enjoy biting into a nice toasty s’more? There’s a cupcake for that! ¬†Craving a dessert as¬†comforting as an apple pie or cheery as a cheesecake? There are cupcakes for that!¬†This is¬†cupcake month and Compass cafe has commenced the celebration with over 12 flavors inspired by the famous treats we enjoy.

Is Paris your happy place? ¬†¬†There’s a cupcake for that and it’s my absolute favorite!

The¬†Cr√®me Br√Ľl√©e Cupcake!

It has a nice golden brown color and¬†it’s topped with a circle of sweet creamy yellow custard. Toasted on top¬†with a torch, the surface and edges of the cake are¬†nice and crispy. I discovered that the¬†custard¬†was actually a filling and not just a topping!

In fact, quite a few cupcakes were filled¬†inside.¬†S’mores! ¬†Dulce the Leche! Raspberry!¬†These cupcakes were made with an original, unique and brilliant recipe by Jodi Bakes.

Feeling the need to help¬†someone? There’s a cupcake for that!¬†All Proceeds at Compass Cafe goes towards fighting human trafficking and providing clean water to many across the globe. For more information visit¬†¬†and¬†¬†




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Guaranteed to make you feel like fall

Have you ever tried this pumpkin spice latte? I encourage you to visit Compass Coffee and grab this latte for fall 2016! Very genuine autumn taste and smell. The spices relaxes you while the coffee wakes you.



This cafe is an amazing must-see fall destination. The decor, the desserts, the atmosphere, the aroma…I can see that they take fall seriously! Pencil in your visit to this cafe to your activities list right between hay rides and apple picking because it’s worth the visit. Every beverage, dessert and item purchased here goes towards helping children in different countries get clean drinking water.



Compass Coffee:  142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436

Nearest Buses: The Q40 and Q7

Parking: YES


  • Monday-Friday (Except Wed) 8am-7pm
  • Wed:- 8am-2pm
  • Sunday- Closed


many ordered this special latte today


Best Pumpkin Dessert

It’s Award Winning, famous and an irresistible 5 star dessert! These are Jodi Bakes popular pumpkin bars! It’s a favorite in the neighborhood around fall! When the word gets out, these are in high demand! ¬†It’s an original comforting recipe that¬†can only be found at Compass cafe’! I got a lot of good things to say about these pumpkin bars!


You gotta try it! You can get yours with or without the diced walnuts on top. The walnuts adds¬†a great taste and crunch to the cake which is loaded with pumpkin flavor! The frosting is sweet and has a wonderful milky vanilla taste. Although its sweet you will still want to eat it all because its such a good combo with the pumpkin cake and walnuts! Plus it’s an original recipe made with care! I can taste it! ¬†You can find these pumpkin bars at Compass cafe. They provide the perfect environment for you to relax, work, have meetings, tutor a child, do homework, read a novel and much more!¬†I work there all the time on my laptop doing¬†a lot of photo and video editing and some writing and wordpressing! Plan your visit one day! The smell of the place is so much like fall with the scent of pumpkin pie candles. The pumpkin bar is the first of many fall treats¬†the cafe is going to have! Stay tuned for more blogs/vlogs and plan your visit to 142-82 Rockaway blvd Jamaica New York 11436. You could also¬†type HopeNYC in the GPS or tell Siri ¬†” Directions¬†to HopeNYC” and you will see Compass¬†cafe!

Hours: Monday-Friday (Except Wed) 8am-7pm

Wed- 8am-2pm

Sunday- Closed

The best part of all! Every drink, dessert, item you purchase at Compass cafe goes toward helping children in foreign countries get clean drinking water!





The Caribbean Sea Cake

If there is any location thats most desirable on this planet it would be the Caribbean. You’ve seen the commercials, the magazines, your friend’s vacation photos on social media! It’s the happy place and ideal destination for many including myself! The homey creamy vanilla taste of the Caribbean Sea Cake makes you feel like you’re there. Your tastebuds travel straight to paradise when you enjoy a slice. It’s moist, rich in flavor and have layers of fun tropical colors. The first cake was sold out within two hours! My vlog was filmed just an hour after it was made and the cake was halfway finished! I’m not usually a fan of plain or vanilla cakes but I love the richness in flavor and the blissful not overpowering sweetness in the caribbean sea cake. If you are in the New York area, come  grab yourself a slice this week!


Freedom Cake

Have you ever had freedom cake? I just did! With it’s great flavor and unique patriotic colors its like fireworks to me! Actually not just me but so many others! My friend Michelle stated ” It’s like Heaven in my mouth!” Travis said “Theres a sweet side to Independence day!” By the way theres a Freedom Concert happening on July 3rd! Check it out & Get your tickets at Compass Cafe’! Tickets enter you into a raffle for a chance to win a 4 wheeler!









The Almond Dream Cake

A cake so detailed, rosy and elegant! It’s like biting into a light sweet white vanilla cloud and it tastes like almond in cake form. It’s not so super sugary but it’s kissed with sweetness. A cake like no other in the city, you gotta come try the almond dream cake at Compass Cafe Cup of Hope!

Remember, every delicious dessert purchased will help provide clean drinking water to different countries in need.

My new ring! 

Hours after publishing todays vlog about The 5 ways to be Healthy at Compass Cafe, my husband & I left  HopeNYC after a major street evangelism event Home Stretch . I bearly got anything to eat all day so we decided to go out somewhere good like our favorite Thai food resturaunt. I got in the car & found a blue box on my seat. It was one of Compass Cafe’s “Tiffany blue gift boxes” I thought putting it on the seat was part of the surprise but he intended to hide it before I got in. I agreed to not open the box until we were at the resturaunt…relaxed & ready at the right moment. We both ordered our soba noodle soups & I opened it after! It was just what I wanted! That ring I was eyeing for 3 days in the Cafe’! They started to sell jewelry this week & that ring really caught my attention! I love bizarre unique jewelry like that. Jewelry like a coffee on a saucer ring, piano key earrings, rotating hourglass necklace, 3 piece glasses nose & mustache ring set, camera necklaces, bead bracelets with an anchor charm ‚öďÔłŹ & so much more! 

Compass Cafe has Lemonade pitcher pendants, emoji earrings, glass of lemonade earrings, coffee cup bracelet charms much more new stuff! I love my new gift and I couldn’t get over looking at it. I really enjoyed it & the rest of time in the resturaunt with him.