Free Makeup Tutorial Tomorrow!

Makeup can be beneficial for professional purposes, glamor plus it can a true self-confidence booster! Want to learn how to create stunning transformation and artistically apply make-up like a pro?

Let me introduce you to Leah! Entrepreneur, mother and incredible baker who also promotes financial literacy, credit restoration and more! I met Leah through Lois Fray; Another talented entrepreneur who helps people weekly and goes LIVE! Lois attends HopeNYC with me and she will come up in a future blog!

F R E E   T U T O R I A L !

Did you know that there are free makeup tutorials every Tuesday at 12 noon?

All you need to do is TUNE IN TOMORROW on 

Beauty 4 Beginners This tutorial will be LIVE on that Facebook group so be sure to catch it in time! Its best to join this group today if you can! (Request and be approved)

Feel free to LIKE and check out Leah’s page: Uniquely You by Leah. There are stunning photos like the ones below! She has shown her viewers how to achieve looks like these:


Just Had My Last Class

The spring semester is ending and Hope Groups are approaching their final classes. Before I get to share a little with you what I learned, I want to share what you could learn!

There were great opportunities to learn:

  • How to play an instrument
  • About Basic electronics
  • How to double dutch
  • About vitamins and supplements
  • How to make cake pops
  • How to maneuver & voice a puppet
  • How to share the faith in Jesus
  • How to DJ with actual equipment
  • How to folk dance
  • Photoshop
  • How to obtain your GED
  • Exercise daily & make smarter food choices
  • The next step after accepting Jesus
  • How to make jewelry
  • Being an usher at HopeNYC
  • What can be good about a broken spirit?
  • Fashion tips & tricks

This knowledge is valuable! Groups are taught by who are richly skilled in the subject they teach. Of course I didn’t take all of these classes ( wish I could) but I was privileged to visit a few. One of the groups I was enrolled was Women’s health and wellness.

I could testify:

Like I mentioned in my What did I learn? if you can find your way to HopeNYC


What Did I learn? (Health Tips Included)

Does anyone own a scale with never-changing numbers? Numbers that would just remain the same no matter how hard you try….

Today, I stepped on the scale and those numbers changed! Praise God!

I took time this year to focus on health and research about the body, nutrition, fitness, stress, medicine, vitamins and more! I am also enrolled in two health Hope Groups are this spring semester. These group are very effective and available to you if you can find your way to HopeNYC.  One group is taught by an actual physician and the other is taught by a phenomenal woman who has conquered the most challenging weight-loss obstacles. I can share some of what I learned and I hope it can help!

One shot is all you need:  Cardio doesn’t have to be long and painful. It should be short and painful 😀 which is better! Cardio is suppose to prepare your body for the exercise, not be the exercise. Running and walking is great but it can’t sculpt the abs for you. Cardio helps your body to burn while you deal with the real exercises: abs workouts, weight lifting, leg sculpting, squats etc. Developing those muscles can help shrink those areas but you need a shot to start!

The recipe for this shot calls for:

  1. A series of exercises like running in place
  2. Plyo-jacks
  3. Bear crawls
  4. Knee high running
  5. Butt-kick running
  6. SPEED
  7. 30 seconds of each one!

It’s short! But it’s all you need.

Abs don’t just lookgood: Developing abs can save your back! The abs are like the strong front anchor of your spine. When you work on your abs, you help your back muscles tremendously. Back pain gets reduced because your core is helping your back muscles in supporting you. It’s not too late to start your ab workout. The plank is one of the most effective I heard from the doctor.

Your action will influence others around you! You can tell your loved ones to exercise and it will turn them away. Cook tasty healthy meals and desserts, take your walks, eat healthy in a restaurant and photograph everything. Your actions will surely influence someone to try it!

Has carbs lied to you?  We think it will fill us up when eating it all the time can make us hungry. Protein keeps you full for much longer. See which protein-filled foods are your favorites. Reducing carbs will surely give you results.

Motivation is a must! Meeting up as a class each week really helped. Having someone to motivate you is important. Circumstances and problems can stop your progress! Make sure you have a friend, counselor, nutritionist, family member or someone to help motivate you and hear your problems out! Youtube videos can help. Prayer can help tremendously! I believe you can do it.

Follow me! (Photography Tips Included)

A very special THANK YOU to all of you creative writers who follow/like me on WordPress! I am doing my best to get to everyone and explore your content too. Another special THANK YOU to those following me on Facebook and IG! As I share some sites with you, I will also share three photography tips.


Don’t just read about what I post! See it too!

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I’ve been a photographer for over 5 years! I will be a graduating NYIP student this year! Follow my IG and check out my website to see a few of the thousands of photographs I’ve captured throughout the years!

@FerreiraStudio  ON INSTAGRAM



1) Keep an eye out:  Recognizing the right photo moment is important if you want a collection of cleverly good photos! It’s not a posed or prepared moment but it often happens WHEN you least expect it WHERE you least expect it! When you see something, rush for your phone at all times! Don’t give up because you think you might miss it. You might not! What are you trying to capture? A sunset, person? animal? person? car driving away with balloons?  The camera is not what makes a good photograph, it’s really the photographer’s eye! This is why photographers can take masterpieces with just their smartphones! The filters and features are just a plus to enhance whats already there!

This is not a typical scene! I had to get it! I didn’t tell the driver to wait on me! She was in the middle of moving so they can exit the yard. I pulled out my phone and captured photos as rapidly as possible. I got it!
The concert had these special lights and used it only at specific moments. This gold ray of light would brighten each head in the crowd. Because this was a worship night concert with songs centered on Jesus, I tried hard to capture this moment more than all the others. There is no need to tell a story about this picture. It speaks for itself and shows WHO this gathering is all about. What an amazing night!
Simply captured this beautiful bold red pepper in the process of making a chopped salad!

2) Rule of thirds:  See the four points? It is a theory that your viewers’ eyes naturally gravitate to these four points which makes it the ideal places for your photo subjects! You may wonder how to do this! Cameras and phone have this setting to guide you.

For iPhones! Go to Settings- Phone and Camera- Scroll down to grids then turn it on!


The cake is right where I want it on the left third. I took this photo around Valentines day last year as Compass Cafe introduced a new cake!

3) Get on it’s level: An interesting way to get to capture an item and emphasize the details. It’s also a great approach when photographing children; especially toddlers! These were both taken with an iPhone!

I rested my phone on the table and flipped it upside down to capture this. When holding the phone normally, the camera was way higher than the bracelet. A previous birthday celebration helped to make the scene more colorful!


If Your Mom Had A Super Power, What would it be?

I just wanted to start off with a fun question. There’s no doubt that moms are powerful! Feel free to leave your answer in a comment if you’d like!

A very Happy Mother’s Day from Sips of Hope!

Sons, daughters, grandchildren, godchildren, church attendees, nieces and nephews! I encourage you all to make this one memorable for them.

Sticky Wings

“I brought you back 5 wings ”

It was one of the most glorious statements you could ever hear from a husband after a long day of errands and no dinner. He had just returned from a Hope Group called The Head of The Household. They discuss their important roles as a husband and the real stuff about marriages with a new restaurant being their classroom each time. Men can benefit from a group like this!

Dallas BBQ is of course the place of the sticky wings and it has been a favorite spot for Hopers maybe….for about 10 years now! We’ve enjoyed youth Christmas parties, ministry meetings, Hope Group fun days, ladies day out, men’s night out and just plain hanging out! You learn and grow so much from just attending HopeNYC; The services, taking a Hope group class, and especially on an outing over a plate of sticky wings!

On an upcoming post I’ll share alittle more about how the Hope groups semester went and how you can grow if you would like to take a class in the future!

Mother’s Day Tips With Special Invite!

This Sunday is Mothers day! It is also…

  • A day off from work!
  • Spring day!
  • Traffic day!
  • A church day!
  • Special day!
  • 4 days away!

Heres how to make it the best possible!

Tip # 1: Cook breakfast! Mother’s Day is only 1 day and you gotta make it special for her every waking moment you have! You may have plans to take her out to lunch or dinner later. Let her experience both a home-cooked meal and a chef’s dish.

Do it in 3 Steps!

  1. Decorate: Find fancy floral decorative dollar store dishes or expensive at-home tableware. Pull up a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY graphic on your tablet and leave it on the table. Flowers help too if possible.
  2. Quietly cook the favorites! What are they? Sunny side up eggs or a spinach omelet? Toast on the side or a stack of hot cakes? Bacon or parfait? 🥞🍞🥓🥪
  3. Add extras: Make a mini fruit platter with chocolate/nutella dip, basket of fresh baked biscuits, muffins, cinnamon rolls whatever she likes. She is not up rushing at 6am to go to work so this breakfast will be a special sit-down slow sweet moment.

Tip # 2 Pick your restaurant wisely! You don’t want to drive to Manhattan because both the Van Wyck expressway and 59th street bridge will be crowded (You’re welcome) You might want to be careful with chain restaurants because they are popular and will be packed! Try a place that is just a nice stroll away in your neighborhood. Somewhere that isn’t so well-known. You may be surprised about the food! You can also take the same approach as tip #1 and use food delivery if it’s too tough. Just don’t let her lift a finger and cook. If it is a nice day and you own a house with a backyard, BBQing her lunch on the grill is a fantastic option. Just make sure she is not doing most of the work to help you prepare.

Tip #3 Give her useful gifts! Most mom’s will prefer things that they’re going to use! I’m not suggesting a pot or state of art vacuum cleaner. Let her be excited to use the gift! Not work some more. Try a beautiful spring dress, make-up pallets, spa items, hair styling tools and products, gift cards, jewelry, journal, book by her favorite author, purses, a kit for her hobby, novelty kitchen items or perhaps a framed photo!

Blue Mason Jar that separates into measuring cups

Cute moon necklace for $5.99

Personal at-home nail dryer

Foot spa that vibrates for an amazing at-home foot massage!

Tip # 4 Acknowledge the women in your life! Take this important day to give your wishes to the other women in your life. The ones in your family like grandmothers, aunts, sisters with children and godmothers. Pastors are very important to be honored too! Give your wishes to anyone who is expecting. Reflect and think if there were any women who don’t possess children of their own or have children who aren’t living nearby but has done so much for you. Let them know they are loved and give them a gift 💝

Tip # 5 Bring her to HopeNYC’s Mother’s Day Service! After a wonderful breakfast, have your mother dress up and take her to HopeNYC! She’s in for a treat. As you enter, the ushers will make you feel welcome. Let her receive a blessing and hear an incredible well-needed message from The Lord just for her. She will get nice gifts and be loved all service long with a fantastic program planned. There is such a significant difference spending a mothers day at HopeNYC vs spending it at home. I can’t explain it.



HopeNYC is heading out to Baisely Pond park on Sunday June 10th to have FAMILY DAY: AVENGERS EDITION!

Ever had a picnic or sports day with your family? Imagine that but larger with over 400 people! There will be tons of games for ALL AGES! Running races, Go cart racing, volleyball, cricket, dodgeball, 🎲 and so much more team games! Can’t walk? There will be table games like checkers and cards that will also be worth points! If you look out in the park for HopeNYC on Family Day, it will surely be the large, loud, colorful crowd of people!

allery ids="10716,10701,10702,10711,10705,10707,10709,10714,10703,10710,10712,10706,10713,10699,10700,10704,10708" type="slideshow"]

It’s not too late! You can visit HopeNYC for service on June 10th at 10:30am! Right after everyone will go to the park. You can be assigned to one of the 4 teams: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther or Thor.