Just Had My Last Class

The spring semester is ending and Hope Groups are approaching their final classes. Before I get to share a little with you what I learned, I want to share what you could learn!

There were great opportunities to learn:

  • How to play an instrument
  • About Basic electronics
  • How to double dutch
  • About vitamins and supplements
  • How to make cake pops
  • How to maneuver & voice a puppet
  • How to share the faith in Jesus
  • How to DJ with actual equipment
  • How to folk dance
  • Photoshop
  • How to obtain your GED
  • Exercise daily & make smarter food choices
  • The next step after accepting Jesus
  • How to make jewelry
  • Being an usher at HopeNYC
  • What can be good about a broken spirit?
  • Fashion tips & tricks

This knowledge is valuable! Groups are taught by who are richly skilled in the subject they teach. Of course I didn’t take all of these classes ( wish I could) but I was privileged to visit a few. One of the groups I was enrolled was Women’s health and wellness.

I could testify:

Like I mentioned in my What did I learn? if you can find your way to HopeNYC



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