Mother’s Day Tips With Special Invite!

This Sunday is Mothers day! It is also…

  • A day off from work!
  • Spring day!
  • Traffic day!
  • A church day!
  • Special day!
  • 4 days away!

Heres how to make it the best possible!

Tip # 1: Cook breakfast! Mother’s Day is only 1 day and you gotta make it special for her every waking moment you have! You may have plans to take her out to lunch or dinner later. Let her experience both a home-cooked meal and a chef’s dish.

Do it in 3 Steps!

  1. Decorate: Find fancy floral decorative dollar store dishes or expensive at-home tableware. Pull up a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY graphic on your tablet and leave it on the table. Flowers help too if possible.
  2. Quietly cook the favorites! What are they? Sunny side up eggs or a spinach omelet? Toast on the side or a stack of hot cakes? Bacon or parfait? 🥞🍞🥓🥪
  3. Add extras: Make a mini fruit platter with chocolate/nutella dip, basket of fresh baked biscuits, muffins, cinnamon rolls whatever she likes. She is not up rushing at 6am to go to work so this breakfast will be a special sit-down slow sweet moment.

Tip # 2 Pick your restaurant wisely! You don’t want to drive to Manhattan because both the Van Wyck expressway and 59th street bridge will be crowded (You’re welcome) You might want to be careful with chain restaurants because they are popular and will be packed! Try a place that is just a nice stroll away in your neighborhood. Somewhere that isn’t so well-known. You may be surprised about the food! You can also take the same approach as tip #1 and use food delivery if it’s too tough. Just don’t let her lift a finger and cook. If it is a nice day and you own a house with a backyard, BBQing her lunch on the grill is a fantastic option. Just make sure she is not doing most of the work to help you prepare.

Tip #3 Give her useful gifts! Most mom’s will prefer things that they’re going to use! I’m not suggesting a pot or state of art vacuum cleaner. Let her be excited to use the gift! Not work some more. Try a beautiful spring dress, make-up pallets, spa items, hair styling tools and products, gift cards, jewelry, journal, book by her favorite author, purses, a kit for her hobby, novelty kitchen items or perhaps a framed photo!

Blue Mason Jar that separates into measuring cups

Cute moon necklace for $5.99

Personal at-home nail dryer

Foot spa that vibrates for an amazing at-home foot massage!

Tip # 4 Acknowledge the women in your life! Take this important day to give your wishes to the other women in your life. The ones in your family like grandmothers, aunts, sisters with children and godmothers. Pastors are very important to be honored too! Give your wishes to anyone who is expecting. Reflect and think if there were any women who don’t possess children of their own or have children who aren’t living nearby but has done so much for you. Let them know they are loved and give them a gift 💝

Tip # 5 Bring her to HopeNYC’s Mother’s Day Service! After a wonderful breakfast, have your mother dress up and take her to HopeNYC! She’s in for a treat. As you enter, the ushers will make you feel welcome. Let her receive a blessing and hear an incredible well-needed message from The Lord just for her. She will get nice gifts and be loved all service long with a fantastic program planned. There is such a significant difference spending a mothers day at HopeNYC vs spending it at home. I can’t explain it.



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