Feeling revived right now on this Labor Day! 

Yes! I am still revived over the concert yesterday! It was Hope Revived: Labor day edition and it was indeed unforgettable!

Everyone in the area used the exclusive Snapchat filter! 

Before I dive into the concert, this event was also on a mission! The local missions ministry at HopeNYC dished up a Caribbean favorite: Bake and fish to raise funds for the hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. 

Compass served up delicious desserts and coffee outside on the mobile station to continue there every day mission: to provide clean drinking water to other countries and help victims of sex trafficking! Right now for the month of September, proceeds from the Caramel frappe (The best seller)  is going towards hurricane Harvey victims! 

The concert kicked off with a beautiful vibrant performance from doll hope folk dancers 💃 

All the artist were on fire 🔥 The worship was intense, the testimonies were miraculous and everyone could not stop dancing! Flags of different countries were being waved praising God! 
This is just a glimpse of what went down yesterday! This video consist of phone & drone vids combined! I know its not DSLR quality but I wanted to put this together! 

Two Upcoming Amazing Conferences! 


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