This VBS Has Never Been Done Before!

Listen and obey the voice of God! We have heard it before but I never expected to get the message talking with Noah about his daily life struggles or riding in through the safari in a giant jeep or hearing it all in one Hebrew word! SHEMA is an original divine God-given idea for VBS 2017. The excited staff dressed up in costume to be bible characters, safari explorers and animals for the children! It was indeed a bible safari of a lifetime! The songs surrounding the theme were original and created by Hopers! I was so happy there was a CD so I can enjoy the songs when it was all over. The kids learned a mighty amount of things this weekend! They also had tons of fun with crafts, games and the bounce house! Not only did they learn about the word of God but their faith was put into action! The kids wrote encouraging letters to other children in Zimbabwe while putting together care packages. The kids also took their relationship with Jesus to the next level and got baptized (In the Jordan river after a skit with Jesus and John the Baptist!) SHEMA was life-changing and amazing! I can definitely say that VBS has never been done like this before! Watch the video for a glimpse of what happened. Photos are below!



  • This SHEMA VBS package is available for sale to any church looking for an exciting theme to use for their VBS! Contact HopeNYC!
  • HopeNYC Kidz has a BRAND NEW Youtube Channel! Follow them for music videos, skits, puppet shows, baptisms, additional VBS clips and more!
  • This upcoming Sunday is HopeNYC’s annual HOPE REVIVED CONCERT featuring some of THE BEST GOSPEL ARTISTS! Positive, Eddie Neblett, Emrand Henry, CrossPower Movement and DJ Mark Xclusive! Tickets are just $20 and there will be a fun afternoon of food and games before the concert!

    Need revival? HopeNYC has two upcoming conferences September! Register and experience a time of refreshing!





One thought on “This VBS Has Never Been Done Before!

  1. Reblogged this on Armor + Arrows and commented:
    Hey friends! From time to time I’ll post a feature called “What’s My Church Been Up To!” For this installation, I’ve chosen to reblog my friend Sips of Hope’s blog post about this past weekend’s amazing Vacation Bible School event at HopeNYC.

    What did they all hear? SHEMA! Listen and obey the voice of God.
    This weekend, HopeNYC, hosted their annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) for kids ages 4-10 years old. VBS happens in many churches based on a prepared curriculum you can purchase. HopeNYC has been preparing it’s own VBS curriculum over the last 3 years! The result is a unique, immersive, interactive, incredible few days of fun and learning for all those lucky kids.

    This year’s theme – SHEMA – is based on the doctrine of hearing God’s voice, listening to it and obeying what He says. Are children too young to learn about this? Of course not – the prophet Samuel was a small boy when he ministered in God’s house where he heard the voice of God and answered “Yes Lord, your servant is listening.”

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