So we ate ice cream and…

This past Sunday, HopeNYC created the largest ice cream sundae Queens has ever seen! This banana split was approximately 60 feet long!  


Three flavors of ice cream scooped above sliced bananas topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles! This is indeed an ice cream lovers dream! As Hopers dug their spoons and enjoyed the sundae in fellowship…the sweet moment ended so bitterly! 

That sundae fed us then filled us and flew everywhere! This was war! Buckets, empty bottles, cups or smeared remainders of table ice cream could all be used to fight! Even empty banana peels and shaving cream! The ice cream fight eventually turned into a water fight.

As you can tell in these pics, HopeNYC works and plays hard! It’s been a fun summer 2017 so far! Yet to come are these events! You are welcome to join us before summer is over! 


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