What’s going good with you? 

Words can’t express how thankful I am towards Jesus my savior. I’m thankful for waking up this morning to a new day with endless possibilities. Thankful for no feelings of physical pain & the ability to move around actively. I’m doing what I love right now 📸 I am thankful for a growing business, & excited for future job opportunities. We encountered car problems almost 2 years ago but He gave us a better car absolutely free! I’m thankful I’ve actually got a good marriage with someone genuine, amazing & cares greatly about God’s kingdom. Also thankful for a good family & the friends that do keep in contact. Not to mention daily forgiveness of sins, limitless counseling from the Holy Spirit & an upcoming eternal life in Jesus Christ. I am aware that there are plenty of things I do not have & things that are going wrong but at the same time there are too many things going well! 

What are you thankful for? Remember to be thankful for the things, people and blessings you have every day!  That is how breakthrough is going to come to you! 

If you just read this, please think about things in your life & leave a comment below about what’s going good with you now and what you’re thankful for! 

Be sure to check out the blog I posted last Wed about breakthrough. It is the word of the season and the word God is speaking now at HopeNYC.

Services are on:

Sunday morning 10:30am 

Wed night 7pm 

You can gets compass before and after services.


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