Will You Win Tomorrow?

In honor of cupcake month at Compass Cafe, Sips of Hope will be giving away a dozen cupcakes! The announcement for this giveaway happened a few weeks ago and it was such an exciting way to launch 2017! Those who had always loved the cafe and this blog finally clicked subscribed! I can say that Compass cafe and HopeNYC Church (same building) are truly very exciting places to blog about. There is never a dull moment, always fresh divine ideas, fun events for the community and a good place to start helping others in a significant way (in and out of New York). The contest winner will be announced tomorrow! I’m excited to find out who will win!


Compass Cafe is on a mission! Proceeds from this shop goes towards providing clean drinking water to impoverished countries and helps end human trafficking through partnership with the Zion Project! For more information visit www.HopeNYC.com and www.ZionProject.org  If you enjoyed these blogs and vlogs  please like, share, share you thoughts, spread the word and lets support the mission. Compass aims to make the world a safer one cup at a time. 




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