There’s a Cupcake For That!

Theres a coffee shop in Queens on a mission! It’s not to serve good coffee but to serve clean drinking water and end human trafficking! Read more about the cafe’s story here


Do you imagine yourself laying back on the beach of a tropical resort sipping a piña colada? There’s a cupcake for that! Do you enjoy biting into a nice toasty s’more? There’s a cupcake for that!  Craving a dessert as comforting as an apple pie or cheery as a cheesecake? There are cupcakes for that! This is cupcake month and Compass cafe has commenced the celebration with over 12 flavors inspired by the famous treats we enjoy.

Is Paris your happy place?   There’s a cupcake for that and it’s my absolute favorite!

The Crème Brûlée Cupcake!

It has a nice golden brown color and it’s topped with a circle of sweet creamy yellow custard. Toasted on top with a torch, the surface and edges of the cake are nice and crispy. I discovered that the custard was actually a filling and not just a topping!

In fact, quite a few cupcakes were filled inside. S’mores!  Dulce the Leche! Raspberry! These cupcakes were made with an original, unique and brilliant recipe by Jodi Bakes.

Feeling the need to help someone? There’s a cupcake for that! All Proceeds at Compass Cafe goes towards fighting human trafficking and providing clean water to many across the globe. For more information visit and 




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