Shakeratto:Coffee on another level

Sips of Hope

Did you try Compass Cafe’s newest drink?  It’s skinny, refreshing, and you gotta shake it to make it!

I also heard it was a healthy choice! The Shakeratto is brand new to Compass Cafe’. It’s a cold beverage but it means business because the espresso inside keeps you awake!

It’s very pleasurable for coffee drinkers because of the satisfyingly strong coffee taste. Believe me! It’s way different than a frappe’! There was no blending but a lot of SHAKING! Shaking the drink with ice really caused it to be refreshing. Order the Shakeratto to stay in Compass cafe’ and you’ll get it in tall clear glass. You’ll feel like you’ve ordered something special. A light brown frothy layer sits at the top of the beverage then follows a darker luscious liquid layer sitting under perfectly! Someone told me their Shakeratto was finished in two sips! It’s a skinny drink but not a small espresso shot. The…

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