Where I got free coffee on National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day!

I got free coffee at Compass Cafe! They gave away cups of their great-tasting, high quality, medium roast house blend! It possessed such a delicious aroma and fantastic taste! My first impression upon sipping the coffee was that it was warm and soothing. The flavor of the coffee was pleasing and delightful like the taste of maple. My house blend was balanced perfectly with half and half milk and light sugar. My friend enjoy hers with no sugar and my husband sips his with heavy cream. No matter the preference the house blend is loved by many and works as a favorite everyday kick starter for coffee lovers. This was the first time I celebrated National Coffee Day at Compass Coffee and I can say this was the best one ever for me.

As National Coffee Day officially ends Compass Coffee continues to celebrate Autumn! There are tons of awesome fall items from scented candles to pumpkin bars to apple cider…I’m having fun already enjoying the fall and hope you visit one day!



Compass Cafe is on

142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436

Hours: Monday-Friday (Except Wed) 8am-7pm

Wed- 8am-2pm

Sunday- Closed

The best part of all! Every drink, dessert, item you purchase at Compass cafe goes toward helping children in foreign countries get clean drinking water!






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