One Dollar

Compass Cafe’ is the go-to spot on Rockaway blvd for the finest great-tasting coffee and top-notch desserts but there are great grabs one dollar can get you!


Foreign Snacks

You can find snacks familiar and foreign! Fun fruity candy from Belize, Turkish nougats in different flavors, and an irresistible bag of cheese puffs from Trinidad and Tobago. Not to mention Peanola and Kurma!


Somebody Sad?

Make their day and cheer them up for just a dollar with a Happy Pill! It’s great for sending small messages in the most unexpected way! It’s also perfect to give to a friend, family member, spouse, or someone you date. Choose the person’s favorite color, open it up then open the small scroll. Write a short note on it and give them the pill 🙂 Not with water of course!


American Favorites

Grab goodies for a dollar and under! Pop Rocks, Jelly beans, efrutti gummy pizzas, gumballs, 4 pack chiclets, short bread cookies, lollipops, salt water taffies, gummy emojis, Butter Nut bars, Twizzlers!

Got 50 more cents?

I got these adorable red lip pushpins for just $1.50 at Compass! I  also saw great items like mini macaroon storage cases, mustache pushpins, FYI sticky notes, colorful pencils, a test-tube of paper clips!









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