Caramel Macchiato

Today I showed you a Compass Cafe caramel macchiato! This satisfying cup of hope is one of the best beverages in this shop….says everyone I’ve heard. I don’t usually prefer caramel in my food or drink but I really enjoyed this! A LOT! Especially the caramel dripping down the mug. I loved it!

Even though I’m more of a chocolate mocha person, this was extremely delicious and I enjoyed every sip. It’s still summer but today was cloudy and cool. Great day for a hot cup of hope! Even better when fall arrives! Come get your Compass Cafe macchiato in mocha or caramel! Regular, skim or soy! It will not disappoint!

It’s strong but not too much because its also sweet and creamy. The price is also a sweet deal! Plus you help a child in another country get clean drinking water! So enjoy your macchiato here at Compass 🙂


The shout out at the end of the video was a congratulations to my friends who just had their baby girl! 







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