How are you?

Hey there writers!

How have you been? Feel free to let me know by commenting and please do share the link to your latest blog post. Your fresh new written work, recipes, photographs, tips, any new thing you’ve just shared!

Last week I was suddenly struck with a bad cold and  took some days out of WordPress and blogging. I’ve been stuffy and strangely unable to taste and smell. After sipping hot soups and having some stay-home stress down time, I’ve been getting better! Last night I was feeling strong in the spirit and in the physical after HopeNYC’s weekly Prayer and Deliverance service. Right after the service, Compass cafe had a free giveaway! For one night only they were giving out FREE pecan bread pudding! It made my night and my numb taste buds went nuts over the pecans!  This generous free sample was enough to try and enjoy! Thick and moist! Packed and not too petite! It’s topped with a cinnamony sweetness and savory from the bread. You get that southern and homey feel in this dessert and thats a good feeling for New York! A place of processed, rushed, refrigerated, and instantly done foods. It was good for me too!

That was one of the highlights from my week, feel free to let me know how you’re doing!











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