My new ring! 

Hours after publishing todays vlog about The 5 ways to be Healthy at Compass Cafe, my husband & I left  HopeNYC after a major street evangelism event Home Stretch . I bearly got anything to eat all day so we decided to go out somewhere good like our favorite Thai food resturaunt. I got in the car & found a blue box on my seat. It was one of Compass Cafe’s “Tiffany blue gift boxes” I thought putting it on the seat was part of the surprise but he intended to hide it before I got in. I agreed to not open the box until we were at the resturaunt…relaxed & ready at the right moment. We both ordered our soba noodle soups & I opened it after! It was just what I wanted! That ring I was eyeing for 3 days in the Cafe’! They started to sell jewelry this week & that ring really caught my attention! I love bizarre unique jewelry like that. Jewelry like a coffee on a saucer ring, piano key earrings, rotating hourglass necklace, 3 piece glasses nose & mustache ring set, camera necklaces, bead bracelets with an anchor charm ⚓️ & so much more! 

Compass Cafe has Lemonade pitcher pendants, emoji earrings, glass of lemonade earrings, coffee cup bracelet charms much more new stuff! I love my new gift and I couldn’t get over looking at it. I really enjoyed it & the rest of time in the resturaunt with him.


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