Go Cups!

So!  You go to Compass cafe, choose your beverage, pay the barista and collect the drink in a signature cafe’cup! Maybe you drop a tip in the jar then head out and drink up.

When  your beverage is finished, you get a little sad inside. You realize that the cafe had given you such a nice disposable cup! It goes in the garbage and you feel like you’ve thrown away something kinda valuable……You don’t need to feel that way any longer!

After suffering the torment of not carrying around your favorite coffee shop’s logo, they’ve finally solved the problem! Brand new tumblers and travel mugs are here at Compass cafe’! I call them go-cups! Other than being able to take the cups on the go, they actually go! And fast! They were on sale for the first time ever yesterday and dozens have been sold! By who? Both regular and new customers! I got one too! For some more info on these fabulously stylish go-cups, watch this brand new vlog! The suffering ends now!

The Mission of Compass Cafe: To provide clean drinking water to children in Haiti, Guatemala, Jamaica, Trinidad and in the future more countries!


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