Waffle Month

There’s a first time for everything and this was the first time I tried The Waffle at Compass Cafe’. It’s also the first time the cafe served actually waffles so I was excited to try it!  I got mine and indeed felt special!  That plated waffle looked like the spectacular delectable divine dish someone gets on their birthday at a good restaurant. I can see all the effort put into prepping,  making and topping my waffle beautifully. The nutella spread, sliced strawberries, and whipped cream. I looked at my husband’s order and saw that his waffle was topped with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream with caramel and mocha. A customer had one topped with bananas, strawberries, blueberries with whipped cram. As I looked at my friend Fanny, she ordered the waffle just plain. She still stated  that it was delicious! The waffle itself is a Jodi Bakes creation. Her very own special recipe for the perfect waffle batter! I personally don’t like going into cafe or restaurant getting the impression that an item on their menu was specially made by them when it’s really made by something I can eat at home or find in a corner store. Putting aside the Nutella and fruit toppings, my waffle was jumbo, golden, crispy on the surface, fluffy on the inside and fresh tasting. There was no way I can finish this myself but I did enjoyed the problem. The portion was generous!  We already know how yummy Nutella can be so you can imagine it made the waffle even better by adding a great chocolate flavor! Sweet creamy toppings on a delectable savory waffle! Savor it while you can! This is waffle month at Compass Cafe’!


Here are some actual pics of the waffles served here!


Check out my short blog at the actual cafe trying the actual waffle and a few other opinions!  Even hear a little from Jodi bakes herself! There are 5 different toppings to choose from including ice cream, fresh fruits and nuts! I chose nutella!









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