Filled with marshmallow cream. Topped with drizzled chocolate…

The jinkie is a delight on this drizzling day. It’s not from the store nor from the factory but fresh from the oven onto display. Can  I be honest with you? I am sensitive to very sweet foods. When I first glanced at the jinkie, it looked just as sweet as the twinkie. As I recapped the last time I purchased a twinkie, the sugary white frosted filling, very sweet outer cake, the guilt and irritation came to mind. I went ahead with my order & got the jinkie served on plate. As I bit into the soft, fluffy, cake texture,  I was surprised about how not sweet it was! The sweetness that was in my memory was far different from the reality I was experiencing biting into the jinkie.  It was sweet in a light and satifying way never overpowering. As I took the second bite, I tasted the chocolate and cream.  The chocoalte was rich and also not so sweet. The cream….It  was different! No sugary frosting this time! Instead it was delightful light marshmellow fluff filling. I really enjoyed the rest of the jinkie with a cup of yesterday’s post…The Cafe Au Lait! Was the Jinky dunked? Yes it was!



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