Make you Milo

Delicious like a treat, soothing like tea.

You don’t have to wait til you get home to enjoy a milo. Compass cafe serves it hot & ready! They also do the unthinkable! MILO FRAPPE’S! Cleverly & carefully created in the blender! It’s cold, refreshing, chocolatey and satifyingly sipped by chocolate lovers. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkled milo, who can refuse?  Milo at Compass is enjoyed by kids. Many times I see them happily running down the stairs after a HopeNYC service trying to tippy toe and talk to the baristas & place their order. Milo is also a favorite amoung the adults. It’s my favorite drink! Milo is more than just a satisfying beverage with rich chocolate taste! It is high in calcuim & it benefits you with energy. Not getting enough vitamin B? It’s choc full of it! Lactose intolerent? It’s just as enjoyable with soy milk. Milo is just one of great beverages at Compass cafe. Whether you want it hot or cold. With regular, skim or soy, have this wonderful drink made for you at Compass cafe. I don’t know any other place that would take your typical homemade drink to the next level.



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