Wedding Time

Have you ever heard sayings like these?

God’s timing is always right!  God is always on time! 

Our timing is different than God’s timing!

Well for these three lucky couples, it was time! They were all in love and in it for the long run but as they courted, they kept their eyes on Jesus. The time was totally up to Him. With no long amounts of preparation and a 12 month period to plan an elaborate exquisite wedding, these couples were unaware that 2015 would the year! This year, HopeNYC has celebrated 3 weddings back to back for 3 months! October, November and December of 2015. This was amazing, and it was not planned to be this way.  God was doing something & guess what? I was one of the brides! I never thought I would walk out of 2015 married. If any of these couples can sum this up they wold be most likely to say  Trust God’s timing!

He will give you the right person. If you desire to be married it will happen for you at the right time if you trust Him.





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