How to have an Awesome Christmas party in Church!

Christmas parties? We do them every year!

During Decebmer, many of the HopeNYC Ministries end the year with a Christmas party! It’s a time to celebrate and fellowship with the team! It’s also a great time to reflect on the year. It’s truly a special time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Honestly, I find that the best Christmas parties happen in church. They are so much fun! Here are some tips FOR YOU on how to have an Awesome Christmas party!  (Also a small peak on how HopeNYC did Christmas this year)

Set up a photo booth with props!

For this type of photobooth, it does not have to be expensive to set up or taken with an expensive camera! If you have a small ideal area in your church/home/venue like a fireplace or corner with a blank solid colored wall, you can use that as the background! The people will be the ones to bring life into the picture!  For the props just draw, color and create your favorite Christmas items on white poster board paper. Also make funny speech bubbles, Merry Christmas signs and  little santa hats! Don’t forget to put them on a stick! If possible, you should get some of your more artistic friends to handle the task. Take plenty of pics with your camera or cell phone! The more silly the better! Also strut your stuff with some Christmas garlands! (Click to enlarge images)


Food is important!

It’s Christmas! Go all out! Find the food that is best preferred by your group! For an example, we have quite a bit people in our church born from the Carribean. Things like baked ham, bread, jerk chicken, turkey, peardrax and sorrel excites them! For the young adults, they do fancy finger foods. For the teens they enjoy some good pizza! What would your crowd like?


No matter how old, games are great! Try games like Christmas Charades and musical chairs! Seeing adults playing these ought to bring some good laughs! Also do dance contests and if you are feeling genorous, give some cash away! Organize a good “Lets make a Deal game!” Get boxes of all sizes ready to confuse and overwhelm your guests with decisions! Get envelopes for cash (Could be 1-$100). Also get some good prizes and gag prizes!



You can also try this fun balloon popping game

Blow about 20 or more balloons! Put cash in one of the balloons. Your guest will have the pop the balloons…with their butts! They will have to sit on the ballons, pop them and continue running around to sit on some more until they pop the winning balloon with the cash! Get about 5 people to play. This game is super fun to watch!


Also The Candy Cane Pick up game!

Get about 4-6  people to play. Spread out alot of candy canes on a table then give each player a candy cane! Have them place one candy cane in their mouth with the hook part down and they will have to pick up as many canes from the table as possible. The person who picks up the most candy cane wins! If possible, give the winner a good prize and let the other players keep their candy canes as a small prize for playing.





There is nothing more heart stopping than a raffle! Get as many gifts as you can to raffle off to your people. Get a big roll of tickets and a big basket! At HopeNYC, we have raffled off presents, iPads, TVs, Beats by Dr Dre headphones, skateboards, jewelery, Kitchen-Aid Mixers, trips, laptops, and more!






This is the time of giving! I encourage you to have a gift grab, gift exchange or a secret santa! It adds so much more fun and excitement to the event! It gives you the chance to make somene outside of your family feel loved and blessed. Here are some ways to do it!

Secret Santa

We all know how to do this one! Start your secret santa game 4-3 weekends prior to your Christmas party so everyone can have enough time to buy the presents and excite their secret santas by sending notes, candy, cards, clues, and small presents along the way! It just makes it better!

Gift Grab

Get a large “Santa bag!”  Then tell your guest to bring a $3.00 gift to the party! Close to the end of the party, have each person that participated reach into the bag and grab a gift! If someone grabs their own gift, they can put it back and chose again. Some people might buy gifts alittle over $3.00. I hope I get that one!



Don’t have the space for them? Take them out!

If you don’t a have a meeting space for your Christmas party, dont fret! Taking the team out works very well! Every year our teen ministry goes Ice Skating then to a resturaunt. Our men’s ministry has gone out to a splendid buffet. Trips are lots of fun and they will bring your team together, just do your best to keep it exclusive and have only the people you need attend. It will keep the occasion special. Anyone outside of your group can take away from the experience. (Ex: Bringing kids to an adults group, Bringing ladies to a men’s group etc etc)

grabbing food in a buffet line


Try Themes


There is a saying that says: All great parties have themes! It personally excites me when there is a theme. I search my house or shop for something to match the party theme and it can push your people to try something new. I have not worn an ugly Christmas sweater in all my life until my young adults ministry had an ugly sweater party. It was so much fun seeing what other people wore and taking pictures of it. Our ladies ministry wore wear red and green. Themes also makes your party pictures come out a lot better!



Specialty Drinks

Every party can have soda and juice. Make a visually appealing and delicious drink that is not typical! Try fancy mocktails in a nice plastic margerita or champaign shaped cup. Try hot chocolate with a bar of toppings such as marshmellows, whipped cream, candy canes, chocolate shavings and more! Also do Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, Vanilla, Caramel Macciatos in a nice mug. Like I mentioned earlier, Carribean holiday drinks for islanders such as Sorrel and Peardrax. Whatever excites your group!



Wanna get cozy?

We do a thing every year at HopeNYC called Choco-Pie! Its where people come to church in their PJ’s (appropriate of course) and we lay out delicious desserts on the table! Everyone has a chance to go on stage and showcase their talent. They sing Christmas Carols, tell jokes, play instruments live, its always such a wonderful evening! Best part! The desserts are mostly chocolate! It is also such a great time to propose to the girl of your dreams! It actually happened to a couple this year singing during a duet!



No Christmas party is complete without worship! Worship Jesus in the form of song, dance, drama, music, prayer, preaching, poetry and more! Pray about it and select people in your group who is desiring or gifted to worship in an area with you.





















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