God’s Time Clock!

The past Sunday at HopeNYC was BIG SUNDAY! It was indeed an awesome service full of praise & worship to God in many forms. There were special songs, bright & beautifully dressed dancers, awesome music by the musicians, singers singing their hearts out to God & a 7 year old girl  who recited an entire psalm. On Big Sunday, each 1st time guest received an Awesome red T-shirt that says “Hope for God.” Another thing that made this Sunday big was the kick off to a brand new series titled God’s Time Clock, taught by Dr. Randy Caldwell, The Ambassador for Christians United for Israel! The series has been mind-blowingly incredible! We are all learning all sorts of stuff; The meaning of numbers (All numbers have a meaning), Hebrew letters ( Each Hebrew letter can also be a picture or a word), The significance of Abraham’s name change, animals in astrology, & so much more! If there is something you don’t understand it gets cleared up here! This series is still going & tonight & tomorrow at 7pm.

If this interests you, It will be streamed live tonight around 7:30. (if it doesn’t work, try later)

You can click here to view it:


In general, to watch Hope Services Live, just go to http://www.HopeNYC.com & Click on the Bottom Center Watch Hope Live



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