WildFire’s Winter


It left us….


These are just some words that best describe the experience & revival we’ve just encountered at Northeast Winterfest 2015. The teens of HopeNYC; WildFire Teen Ministry  had just returned from an incredible fun-filled trip. We drove up to Rochester New York for the weekend to an amazing getaway that allowed us to escape our daily lives &  steal away with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!  At Winterfest there were great sessions filled with live music from awesome gospel artist, talented dance groups, powerful messages from anointed speakers &  liberating prayer at the altars. Teens had the freedom to surround the stage so they can dance  & GO WILD like one song says. This powerful weekend was centered on Jesus! When WildFire gets together, we are in good company! In our van rides, we talk, dance, rap, sing, race on Mario Kart & share a snack buffet. In the hotel we hit the gym, eat pizza, watch movies, play video games, play pranks, go crazy….. yet other guest were not disturbed! It may all sound like fun & for others not so much. I can surely say that Christ was our joy. We pursued Him all weekend & He indeed changed our lives….. Why do teens need Jesus?

Jesus can cause a teenager to defeat depression rather than to allow it to change their image, hate themselves, hate their parents & take their life. Jesus can cause a teenager to walk away & move forward from discouraging friends who constantly remind them how bad their life is. Jesus can change grades. Jesus can give teens the power to reject things that are hard to turn down like the 1st cigarette or 1st sip of alcohol or the kind invitation from the Bf/Gf that constantly says they’re not rushing things & yet wants to somehow sneak into a sexual relationship. For the teenagers (& the world) Jesus gave up His life & allowed others to break Him in every way so that we can have a great life with Him on Earth & live an everlasting one with Him in Heaven. The teens need Jesus! Although Winterfest has ended, WildFire Teen Ministry continues to pursue Jesus & spread His goodness around New York like a WildFire.

WildFire’s Facebook Page

Know any teens? Are you living in NY or Visiting?

Check out WildFire! It’s every Friday Night @ 7pm & It’s for teens ages 13-19.

Located at HopeNYC Church. 142-82 Rockaway Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11436

Our first service for 2015 will Launch on February 27th!

There will be food, games, prizes, worship band, DJ, friends, snack shop, live drama & more!

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A few Winterfest pics:



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