The Body

It is a new year at HopeNYC! 

Members are ecstatic of what is to comxae in 2015 & what God is going to accomplish with this body of extraordinary individuals. Right now there are different ministries launching & growth groups that are starting! You may ask:

What are those???

Our ministries & growth groups are formed for specific people. There is a men & woman’s ministry. A ministry for those with a heart to feed families & A ministry for those with an adventurous heart to feed families across the globe. See Hope Ambassadors  A ministry for dance & drama. An exciting world chock full of cookies, crafts, & the great characters of the bible in the children’s ministry.  Nachos, crazy games, & loud music for the teens. Lounge music, orderves & couches for the 20 somethings. Doing it all in english will not do! There is an estupendo spanish ministry & an emerging sign language! 

At Hope we have all sorts of growth groups! Growth groups that will dive right into the bible & growth groups that go bowling every Saturday. There’s a growth group for HAIR STYLING & a group for PHOTOGRAPHY. Some groups teach BAKING while others teach MUSIC.  I can’t leave out CPR or CHINESE COOKING.  Can you imagine COSMETOLOGY classes in church? Well it exist! And MORE! Most of these groups provide food & everyone in class is already your friend! (Or family)

 At HopeNYC, there is something for everyone! We all just fit somewhere….not just in church but In the Body of Christ! No matter what age, what talent you possess, your area of interest or where you are from, there is a place at Hope where you can get plugged in & be used by Almighty God to change this world.

The HopeNYC Website!

The HopeNYC Facebook Page!

The Esperanza NYC Facebook Page! (Spanish Ministry)

The WildFire Teen Ministry Facebook Page!

The LIFT OFF Young Adult Ministry Facebook Page!

The HopeNYC Local Mission Ministry Facebook Page!


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