WildFire Teen Ministry is setting the city on fire!  The teens of HopeNYC had an awesome service yesterday kicking off their new mid-summer series: SUMMER SPLASH! Everything & everyone was outdoors!  The message touched lives, The DJ was awesome & The praise & worship music rocked the streets of Queens as all instruments & voices came through the speakers. I didn’t forget about the games…They were crazy! These teenagers were tied into a human knot with only a few seconds to free themselves! For the other game, teens had to spin around a pole about 10 times & crawl to the finish line.  There were some water games & a special game called Eye of the Tiger.  After service, the teens kicked back & did their own thing. The snackshop served hotdogs, nachos & fries with cheese to everyone. Some wanted to shoot hoops, some preferred talking with friends, some rode  bicycles up, some played dodge ball, some played the drums. There is always something exciting happening with the WildFire teens at HopeNYC. The teens now await their upcoming trip to Coco Keys Water resort. .

WildFire is every Friday at 7:30pm. For ages 13-19.  At HopeNYC Church.


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This is a game called the human knot! Teens must get into 2 different groups, & form circles. Then they must grab hands & untangle themselves before the other group does. You cannot go of someones hand!


Squeezing Sponges!
Teens must run back & forth dipping a sponge in a bucket of water then carry it to squeeze into their cup! 1st one to fill it up is the winner!


Human Knot!
Human Knot!


The Prize Table!
The Prize Table!


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With a pole to the forehead, teens must spin around 10 times then crawl to the finish line!


photo (6)
Playing “The eye of the Tiger” Everyone forms a circle, there’s a trashcan in the center. Get people next to you to touch the trashcan without letting go of hands.

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