The clock struck 5 & we sprung into action! Furniture was rearranged, The LEDs came on & the curtains were closing. HopeNYC’s Young Adult Ministry was about to start. This night was only for the 20 somethings & we kicked into high gear!  72  cups of  Jell-O , Refreshing mocktails with glow straws, relaxing sofas & a watchful bouncer to block the older folk & kids from getting inside.  Everyone  mingled then came together & spoke about some of life’s most debatable issues. That night, people who had been dealing with issues found answer with clarity through conversation. Those who lost loved ones through death & break ups did indeed feel better! For the past 3 LIFT OFF meetings, everyone has gotten to know each other & this has been an exciting start. Get excited! There’s more to come.

Stay Tuned:

When : LIFT OFF. starts at 6pm, Next Date TBA

Where: HopeNYC Church or anywhere else 🙂

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