Game Night

I just got back home from WildFire Teen Ministry at HopeNYC Church. WildFire is the church’s youth service & it happens every Friday night at 7:30pm. Every service at WildFire is usual! Today the teenagers attempted to thaw out a frozen T-shirt for a prize…Yes a frozen T-shirt. It sounds bizarre but it sure made an cleverly amusing game! There was also a 21st century scavenger hunt where teens were required to use their smart phones to take selfies & photos of certain items. Teens also had a blast playing jeopardy style bible trivia with actual game buzzers. Later on, things got messy with a game involving a large bowls of colorful candies & Oreo cookie crumbs! The entire game night ended with a sweaty game of dodge ball & a room full of board games for the less sporty ones. The group took pleasure in meeting a new guest who decided to spend their birthday with WildFire. Even though the night was pure fun, I knew that it meant something & truly made a difference. WildFire is a place for teens to feel at home & be accepted for who they are. Every person needs that. If no one in the world gets you, Jesus will.

WildFire is Every Friday at 7:30pm, at HopeNYC Church

There are games, food, prizes, a DJ & God’s message!

Only for ages 13-19

July's Series of WildFire
July’s Series of WildFire

5 thoughts on “Game Night

  1. Hi…
    I have a few questions to ask.
    1. Please explain in more detail how you froze a T-shirt?
    2. Will you explain how your 21st Century Scavenger hunt would work?

    I work with young people (well kids) but those things sound insane! I would love to do them and play them with my kids.

    Your church sounds crazy ( in a good way). It’s great to meet people who are passionate about the church they go to.


    1. Thank You & Sure thing Rolain!

      To set up the T-shirt game, You first find some T-shirts you would like to use for the game, then have them soaked by dipping them into a bucket of water. Then, you wring them out to get out any extra water. After, fold the shirts into a neat square Then put them in the freezer for about 24 hours. You already know that the object of the game is to thaw out the shirt & put it on before anyone else does. First person to get the shirt on wins.

      For the Scavenger hunt,
      We take it to the 21st century by having the teens use their camera phones. For an example “Take a selfie with the DJ (or someone your kids know) in the background” Get someone from your group to do a handstand & take a picture with your group inside the bathroom, or ” Take a picture of someone from your group climbing a tree , doing a funny face etc
      We usually get the teens to get into groups of 4 & they work together to find everything on a list. Like every scavenger hunt, we do ask them to find random things we have hidden in or out of the room. Ex: A loaf of bread, a feather, a string, a dollar, an I.D card, etc. We also put them in places they would never guess, like under the trashcan & up near the ceiling.
      This youth group does really unusual games. We even do fear factor & trivia with buzzers.
      I am going back to WildFire tomorrow & I will definitely blog again & take pics on what they did 🙂

      Thanks for commenting & Asking!

      1. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I will definitely be back for more ideas! How long have you been serving in the young peoples ministry?

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