It’s Friday… 10pm! I just saw tons of green gumballs scattered all over the floor & dozens of doge balls soaring across the night sky. This is a glance of  WILDFIRE Teen Ministry! (WFTM)   There is a mission & purpose here. WildFire teens have their hearts set on the city & will set it ablaze for Jesus. They look forward to every Friday. Where else can you try on a giant slipper or win a $15 Starbucks Giftcard just for taking a selfie? Teens have best time ever here & They desire to do great things for this world.

At WildFire there are Crazy games, Great food,  Never ending prizes, Cool trips, True missions, The best DJ in Queens,  & an Awesome Message from Jesus to the teens! WildFire is only for ages 13-19.  Facebook gets blown up with post, pics, vids &check ins every Friday! The word about this remarkable teen night will get around like WILDFIRE!

This Summer WildFire is:

  • Starting a brand new series called Heatwave.
  • Getting out & playing dodge ball, basket ball & volley ball.
  • Taking an Awesome trip to a Resort for a couple of days
  • Taking place every Friday at 7pm as Always!



July's Series of WildFire
July’s Series of WildFire

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