Click here to Feel Fall! (WARNING! Photos may cause drooling & constant dreaming)

You just can’t help but to immerse yourself in the sight, sounds, smells and mood of fall. Such an inspirational season is where beautiful composition begins to unfold. Artistic strokes, warm awe-inspiring photographs, carefully crafted decor, unthinkable treats, dinner-table masterpieces and so much more.

Compass is located on 142-82 Rockaway Blvd right in front of the Q40 and Q7 bus stops and 5 mins away from JFK ✈️ Feel the fall atmosphere in here 🍁

What does fall make you think of? Compass has great gear for you! Baking tools, decor, mugs, books, apple cider kits, skillet pies, candles, journals, jars, honey and much more!


The Pumpkin Spice Latte at Compass
The perfect blend of coffee and a splendid stirring of pumpkin and just the right amount of sweet cinnamon goodness! Such an extraordinary high-quality sip! This is the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Compass!
The word spreads around the neighborhood. These Jodi Bakes Pumpkin Bars are famous in the fall. Do you like yours with or without walnuts?
Fall macaroons at Compass! These were a hit last year!
The Fall Festival Cake
The Fall Festival Cake! You get one beautiful slice that taste like cinnamon and maple. PERFECT!
Yes this is pumpkin spice! Made by Jodi Bakes! 
How many layers do you need for your dinner party this year?
Nutella turnover fresh from the oven!
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!
Sample of the Pumpkin Cheesecake (The original is bigger)
Pumpkin Bars! With and without walnuts!
Compass crumb cake!
A Jodi Bakes pumpkin Pie is one of the best you will ever try!

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The Passion Translation! There’s also a creativity book of Psalms that lets you color inside of it! This is a rare find!

Cancer gone! Baby here!

Last Sunday I got to hold this miracle! Her mom was diagnosed with a rare form of head and neck cancer and had battled this for about two years! This even stopped her from consuming solid foods. Today she is recovering with word from the doctor that she’s healed! Last Sunday her beautiful daughter was dedicated to the Lord at HopeNYC Church where many prayed and fasted for her healing. She gives Jesus all the honor for saving her life and making it possible for the couple to have a baby.

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Sundays Service 10:30 AM

Wednesday prayer & deliverance: 7 PM

Friday night youth service: 7:30 PM

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Upcoming events:

Weekend of In10City (Exclusive Front Row Footage of the I’m Turnt dance)

WildFire Teen Ministry  has hosted the weekend of a life-time experiencing the intensity of God’s presence at HopeNYC  for their youth conference! There was an amazing word from guest speaker: Pastor JC Worley! Guest artists, games, prizes, surprises, worship and more! Take a look! If you enjoyed the video and all the photos below, give it a THUMBS UP and subscribe for more SIPS for more hopeful events like this!

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A weekend of In10City

It Starts Tonight!

Do you like the book of revelation? I hope you’re excited! HopeNYC is going to study deeply in a BRAND NEW sermon series! I’m also excited to hear a bit on how The Word is illustrated in the Passion Translation! You don’t want to miss this series! It starts tonight!

Services here are LIFE CHANGING! Join us one day! HopeNYC is located on: 142-82 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11414

Visit & The Facebook Page for photos, upcoming events and more info!

Upcoming Conferences!

Have you been reading my blog posts and want to visit this church one day? Here are some great events opened to you!

Feeling revived right now on this Labor Day! 

Yes! I am still revived over the concert yesterday! It was Hope Revived: Labor day edition and it was indeed unforgettable!

Everyone in the area used the exclusive Snapchat filter! 

Before I dive into the concert, this event was also on a mission! The local missions ministry at HopeNYC dished up a Caribbean favorite: Bake and fish to raise funds for the hurricane Harvey victims in Texas. 

Compass served up delicious desserts and coffee outside on the mobile station to continue there every day mission: to provide clean drinking water to other countries and help victims of sex trafficking! Right now for the month of September, proceeds from the Caramel frappe (The best seller)  is going towards hurricane Harvey victims! 

The concert kicked off with a beautiful vibrant performance from doll hope folk dancers 💃 

All the artist were on fire 🔥 The worship was intense, the testimonies were miraculous and everyone could not stop dancing! Flags of different countries were being waved praising God! 
This is just a glimpse of what went down yesterday! This video consist of phone & drone vids combined! I know its not DSLR quality but I wanted to put this together! 

Two Upcoming Amazing Conferences! 

Watch Out Next Weekend Teenagers! This can get Intense! 

This will be an INTENSE weekend for teens to experience revival & get in a deeper relationship with God! This youth conference will be held at HopeNYC church (Hosted by WildFire Teen Ministry) and EVERY teenager is invited! This weekend will be packed with a fantastic line of some of the best gospel guest artists and our guest speaker: Pastor JC Worley with a life-changing word! 

There will also be fun, games and prizes! Food will be provided for all teens! Registration is only $10 

In10City is starting on September 8th at 7pm with an evening service followed by the second part on Saturday September 9th at 9am! 

God is about to do an awesome work in this conference. This can get intense!

Let’s Fly to Hawaii Tomorrow ✈️ 

Yes tomorrow! I am aware that there may not be much time to pack but bringing one festive outfit will do! There’s a fantastic Luau tomorrow at sunset that we must get ready for! 

We are not going to JFK airport but we are heading in that direction! We’re stopping somewhere approximately five minutes away! In fact! That’s where we’ll be flying ✈️ 

You are invited to a LUAU at Compass Coffee tomorrow night at 7pm! Search for a breezy camp shirt, grass skirt, floral dress and tropical wear because it’s Hawaiian attire! Every Friday this summer, Compass has hosted fun-filled special themed events after their closing time! Remember my past posts on Endless Summer nights? Reggae Night Part 2  Or Minions on the Mega screen? 

Tomorrow is the last night Endless Summer Night of SUMMER 2017 and it’s going to close out with the best Luau in Queens 🌺  Experience Hawaii in New York at Compass Coffee with a Luau: HOPE STYLE! You won’t miss a day at your job or won’t feel like a stranger tomorrow with the Hope family! 

Located at 142-82 Rockaway Blvd Jamaica New York 11436

Here’s how it went down last time we did a Luau in the yard! 

This VBS Has Never Been Done Before!

Listen and obey the voice of God! We have heard it before but I never expected to get the message talking with Noah about his daily life struggles or riding in through the safari in a giant jeep or hearing it all in one Hebrew word! SHEMA is an original divine God-given idea for VBS 2017. The excited staff dressed up in costume to be bible characters, safari explorers and animals for the children! It was indeed a bible safari of a lifetime! The songs surrounding the theme were original and created by Hopers! I was so happy there was a CD so I can enjoy the songs when it was all over. The kids learned a mighty amount of things this weekend! They also had tons of fun with crafts, games and the bounce house! Not only did they learn about the word of God but their faith was put into action! The kids wrote encouraging letters to other children in Zimbabwe while putting together care packages. The kids also took their relationship with Jesus to the next level and got baptized (In the Jordan river after a skit with Jesus and John the Baptist!) SHEMA was life-changing and amazing! I can definitely say that VBS has never been done like this before! Watch the video for a glimpse of what happened. Photos are below!



  • This SHEMA VBS package is available for sale to any church looking for an exciting theme to use for their VBS! Contact HopeNYC!
  • HopeNYC Kidz has a BRAND NEW Youtube Channel! Follow them for music videos, skits, puppet shows, baptisms, additional VBS clips and more!
  • This upcoming Sunday is HopeNYC’s annual HOPE REVIVED CONCERT featuring some of THE BEST GOSPEL ARTISTS! Positive, Eddie Neblett, Emrand Henry, CrossPower Movement and DJ Mark Xclusive! Tickets are just $20 and there will be a fun afternoon of food and games before the concert!

    Need revival? HopeNYC has two upcoming conferences September! Register and experience a time of refreshing!




So we ate ice cream and…

This past Sunday, HopeNYC created the largest ice cream sundae Queens has ever seen! This banana split was approximately 60 feet long!  


Three flavors of ice cream scooped above sliced bananas topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles! This is indeed an ice cream lovers dream! As Hopers dug their spoons and enjoyed the sundae in fellowship…the sweet moment ended so bitterly! 

That sundae fed us then filled us and flew everywhere! This was war! Buckets, empty bottles, cups or smeared remainders of table ice cream could all be used to fight! Even empty banana peels and shaving cream! The ice cream fight eventually turned into a water fight.

As you can tell in these pics, HopeNYC works and plays hard! It’s been a fun summer 2017 so far! Yet to come are these events! You are welcome to join us before summer is over! 

It’s a Bible Safari! (Parents Please Read)

One FREE fun-filled weekend: SHEMA! 

HopeNYC transforms into a Bible Safari! It’s going to be fantastic experience with fun indoor and outdoor games! Singing and dancing to special original theme music 🎶 Arts and crafts!   Food and snacks and tons more to explore 🚍 This VBS is on August 25th and 26th then bring the whole family to church on Sunday August 27th at 10:30am!